NRG Head Coach Criticizes LCS Management’s Communication


  • NRG Head Coach Thinkcard’s Twitter revelations expose communication woes in LCS management. 
  • Transparency and collaboration issues in LCS under the spotlight as Thinkcard calls for change. 
  • Thinkcard advocates for inclusivity to maintain LCS’s premier status. Will the league heed the call for reform?

In a recent Twitter post, Thinkcard, the head coach of NRG, has raised concerns about the communication dynamics and gaps within the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) management and the coaching community. His candid remarks shed light on long-standing issues of transparency and collaboration within the LCS, sparking a larger conversation about the need for change.

Tensions in the LCS ecosystem persist

Historically, the LCS ecosystem has grappled with issues of transparency and collaboration among its various tiers. Despite previous attempts to address these concerns through player-driven movements and protests, underlying tensions have persisted. These tensions have been further exacerbated by organizational decisions that directly affect players and coaching staff. Notably, players associated with teams like EG and GG have felt the repercussions of abrupt organizational departures from the LCS, raising questions about transparency and decision-making protocols.

NRG, a team that has seen success in the LCS, has not been immune to these challenges. While the team had a triumphant run during the Summer Split of 2023, celebrations were overshadowed by the departures of several players due to budgetary constraints. In this context, the Thinkcard emerged as a crucial figure, providing stability, direction, and vision to the team. His extensive experience, both as a coach and a former player, has played a pivotal role in shaping NRG’s trajectory.

Thinkcard’s grievances highlight communication issues

Thinkcard’s recent comments on Twitter delved into the intricacies of his grievances with the LCS management. He expressed dissatisfaction with the unpredictability surrounding practice schedules, particularly scrim blocks. He emphasized the detrimental impact of the absence of collaborative discussions between coaches and management on player performance and team cohesion. In a pointed tweet, Thinkcard humorously yet pointedly commented on the erratic scheduling, stating, “The constant shifts between two sessions of three hours or a solitary five-hour stint leave us scratching our heads. As the head of a premier team, this lack of influence over such critical decisions is both perplexing and concerning.”

Furthermore, Thinkcard’s revelations extended beyond his own experiences, hinting at a pervasive issue across the LCS. He suggested that multiple unnamed teams frequently sideline the invaluable perspectives of their coaches and players when formulating crucial strategies and schedules. This not only undermines the expertise and insights of those directly involved but also jeopardizes the overall competitiveness and integrity of the league.

Advocating for change and inclusivity

In advocating for change, Thinkcard highlighted the pressing need for genuine inclusion and collaboration. He emphasized that mere tokenism, where opinions are acknowledged but not genuinely considered, falls short of addressing the root concerns. Thinkcard firmly believes that for the LCS to thrive and maintain its status as a premier esports league, decision-making processes must become more inclusive, transparent, and collaborative.

By ensuring that essential stakeholders, including coaches and players, are actively involved in discussions and decisions, the LCS can foster a more harmonious, effective, and competitive environment. Anything less risks perpetuating existing tensions and undermining the league’s long-term viability and success.

Thinkcard’s candid remarks on Twitter have brought to the forefront the communication challenges within the LCS management and coaching community. His concerns about transparency, collaboration, and decision-making processes have struck a chord with many, sparking a broader conversation about the need for reform.

As the LCS continues to evolve and grow, addressing these issues will be crucial in maintaining its position as a premier esports league. It remains to be seen whether Thinkcard’s advocacy for change will lead to tangible improvements in communication and collaboration within the LCS, but his outspoken stance has undeniably initiated a vital dialogue within the esports community.

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