NOWNodes releases integration guide for Shibarium-based tokens


  • NOWNodes released a guide for Shibarium tokens, making it easier to check balances.
  • You can interact with Shibarium directly or use NOWNodes’ API for simplicity.
  • Shibarium’s potential for faster transactions and lower costs makes it an exciting option for token developers.

NOWNodes, a leading provider of blockchain nodes, has unveiled an integration guide tailored for tokens built on Shibarium, the blockchain network associated with Shiba Inu. This initiative comes amidst a surge in confirmed Shibarium integrations and the emergence of numerous promising tokens within the ecosystem.

Shibarium-based tokens, according to the guide, share similarities with traditional ERC-20 tokens, representing a wide array of assets ranging from currencies to loyalty program points. These tokens incorporate standard functionalities such as transfers, balance inquiries, and allowances.

Retrieving and checking Shibarium ERC-20 token balances can be accomplished through two distinct methods outlined by NOWNodes. The first method involves direct interaction with the blockchain, requiring developers to possess Web3 technical knowledge. This approach entails utilizing smart contract calls to query token balances, though it necessitates several prerequisites, including Web3.js interaction with the blockchain.

Alternatively, NOWNodes offers a more streamlined approach that provides quick access to the API for interacting with Shibarium. This method involves accessing Shibarium nodes via the NOWNodes API key and submitting a straightforward get balance request with the required settings.

The release of this integration guide underscores NOWNodes’ recognition of the burgeoning potential for the ERC-20 token ecosystem within the Shibarium network. The network’s scalability, faster transaction speeds, and reduced costs position it as an exciting frontier for token development and deployment.

Facilitating direct interaction with Shibarium blockchain

Developers and enterprises inclined towards hands-on approaches and possessing Web3 technical expertise can directly interact with the Shibarium blockchain. This method entails utilizing smart contract calls to query token balances, offering granular control over the interaction process. However, it’s worth noting that this approach requires familiarity with Web3.js and several prerequisites for seamless integration.

For developers seeking a more accessible and user-friendly method to interact with Shibarium, NOWNodes provides direct access to the API. By leveraging the NOWNodes API key, developers can swiftly retrieve token balances and streamline integration processes. This approach offers simplicity and convenience, making it an attractive option for those prioritizing efficiency and ease of use.

Embracing Shibarium’s potential

The integration guide release underscores NOWNodes’ commitment to supporting the growth and development of the Shibarium ecosystem. By providing comprehensive resources and streamlined access methods, NOWNodes aims to empower developers and enterprises to explore the vast potential of Shibarium-based tokens. 

With its scalability, enhanced transaction speeds, and cost-effectiveness, Shibarium emerges as a promising platform for driving innovation within the ERC-20 token landscape.

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