Notcoin Price Drops After Airdrop Claim Ends, Is The Rally Over?

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The price of Notcoin (NOT) has taken a tumble after its airdrop claim period ended over the weekend.

This has raised concerns among some investors that Notcoin’s rally may finally be running out of steam.

Notcoin Tanks 27% as Airdrop Hype Fades

The airdrop officially ended on Sunday, following a month-long window for investors to claim their allocated NOT tokens.

And since then, NOT’s price has sunk.

NOT is now trading around the $0.015 level, representing a 23% dip after the claim ended.

However, NOT is down almost 27% from Saturday’s peak of $0.021.

This marks Notcoin’s lowest price in a week, erasing a decent chunk of the gains made last Thursday and Friday.

So why is the token’s price falling?

The main reason is selling pressure from airdrop participants.

Many participants likely sold their NOT tokens after claiming them, driving down the price.

Also, the airdrop created a lot of hype and media attention for Notcoin, and now that it’s over, some of that hype has faded.

This has led to decreased buying interest from investors.

Investors’ reduced interest is evidenced in spot trading volumes for NOT dropping below $780 million in the past day.

Is Notcoin’s Comprehensive Roadmap Enough to Revive Momentum?

Although Notcoin’s slide is concerning, it may be too early to declare the token’s rally finished.

The meme coin market is going through a challenging period, sure.

However, Notcoin’s team has bigger ambitions that could give the token staying power.

Notcoin seems to be pivoting towards an “explore-to-earn” model that motivates users to engage with the wider TON ecosystem.

Rather than being constrained to a single game, Notcoin could become a rewards token earned across various TON services and apps.

This expanded utility could then boost demand.

Notcoin’s roadmap also includes plans to launch more staking opportunities.

Staking would give holders a reason to buy and hold more tokens in the long term.

There’s even been talk about an ecosystem fund to develop new Notcoin-based games.

Executing all these plans won’t be easy.

Notcoin’s team will need to invest in marketing and strategic partnerships to make their vision a reality.

But in terms of whether NOT’s rally is over, it’s definitely still too early to tell.

Which Newer Meme Coins Could Rally Next?

Notcoin’s volatility has given investors pause, and some are looking for meme coins that could offer clearer price prospects.

One potential contender is PlayDoge (PLAY) – a new Play-to-Earn token that has raised almost $5 million in its presale phase.

Why PlayDoge’s Meme Appeal & P2E Utility Could Give It Real Staying Power

Many early investors believe PlayDoge might be the next crypto star.

Although it’s a meme coin, there are a few key differences that could give PlayDoge more longevity than its competitors.

For one, PlayDoge is an actual game with clear utility for the PLAY token.

It’s not just some worthless meme coin at risk of being pumped and dumped.

In PlayDoge, users earn PLAY tokens by actively caring for and nurturing their virtual Doge pet.

It’s a simple P2E setup that could lead to real engagement – and sustained demand for PLAY.

PlayDoge’s team has also added more incentives like staking rewards and an upcoming DEX listing.

These staking rewards have given holders a reason to continually support the project in challenging market conditions.

Then, you have to consider PlayDoge’s unique retro vibe.

PlayDoge has an 8-bit style that leans into the nostalgia for old-school games.

This retro design has proven popular and could give PlayDoge appeal beyond just crypto-native audiences.

Taken together, these factors suggest PlayDoge could avoid the rollercoaster fates of so many meme coins before it.

A sustainable project backed by an actual whitepaper, not just a get-rich-quick attempt.

Of course, none of this guarantees success for PlayDoge.

But as projects like Notcoin have shown, the right combo of hype and utility can lead to huge gains.

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