Nintendo’s Unused Patents Reveal Wild Gaming Concepts


  • Nintendo’s unused patents unveil innovative and unconventional gaming concepts.
  • From a football controller to an inflatable horseback riding peripheral, Nintendo’s creativity knows no bounds.
  • These patents offer a glimpse into Nintendo’s commitment to redefining gaming experiences and pushing boundaries in the industry.

Nintendo, renowned for its innovative gaming consoles and accessories, has a treasure trove of unused patents that shed light on some truly unique and imaginative concepts. These patents, unearthed and brought to life through 3D renders, offer a glimpse into the untapped potential of Nintendo’s creative endeavors. From modified Joy-Cons to outlandish Wii peripherals, here’s a look at what could have been in the world of Nintendo.

Exploring Nintendo’s unused patents

Tech giants like Nintendo often file numerous patents for design concepts that never make it to production. Recently, the digital strategy guide library Guide Strats combed through Nintendo’s vast patent portfolio and transformed some of the most intriguing ideas into realistic 3D renders. Among these concepts are a Game Boy Smartphone Case and Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons with hinges, offering fans a tantalizing glimpse into an alternate gaming universe.

The Unconventional World of Nintendo’s Wii ideas

Nintendo’s Wii console revolutionized gaming with its unique motion controls, opening up new possibilities for interactive gameplay. However, it appears that Nintendo had even more audacious ideas that remained unrealized.

One of the standout concepts is an American football controller, a real-life football equipped with motion sensors. This extraordinary controller would have allowed players to simulate throwing, dodging, and running without ever letting go of the ball. It’s a testament to Nintendo’s commitment to redefining gaming experiences.

Riding into fantasy with Nintendo’s inflatable horseback

Even more fantastical is Nintendo’s patent for an inflatable horseback riding peripheral. Resembling a space hopper, this inflatable cushion would have been equipped with sensors to track movement. One hand controller would act as reins, while another would simulate a riding crop. According to Nintendo’s patent, this invention aimed to provide an “inexpensive, convenient way to realistically simulate, in the home, riding on horseback or on other animals.”

What sets this concept apart is its inclusivity – Nintendo’s patent listed not only horses but also bulls, camels, elephants, dolphins, and even mythical creatures like dragons and griffons. The sheer ambition of this idea leaves one wondering why it never became a reality.

Nintendo’s unused patents reveal a glimpse into the boundless creativity that has fueled the company’s success over the years. While not every concept made it into production, these ideas showcase the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming and exploring novel ways to engage players.

These unused patents may never see the light of day, but they serve as a reminder of Nintendo’s legacy as a pioneer in the gaming industry. Who knows what other imaginative concepts lie hidden in the depths of Nintendo’s patent archives, waiting for a chance to captivate gamers worldwide?

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