Nintendo Switch 2: Analyst Predicts £70 Game Price Tag for Upcoming Iteration


  • Nintendo Switch 2 might cost more, with games possibly priced at £70, raising concerns among gamers.
  • Analysts expect the new console to be an evolution rather than a revolution, with AI integration in gaming on the horizon.
  • Predictions include a 2024 launch for Nintendo Switch 2, a new 3D Mario game, and improved digital accounts for game transfers.

As the gaming world eagerly awaits news of Nintendo’s next console, the Switch 2, industry analysts are making bold predictions. A respected Japanese analyst, Dr. Serkan Toto, suggests that the Nintendo Switch 2 is likely to be an iteration rather than a revolution. However, he anticipates a significant change that may not sit well with gamers: an increase in game prices to £70.

Nintendo Switch 2: an iteration, not a revolution

Dr. Serkan Toto, known for his insights into the gaming industry, predicts that the Nintendo Switch 2 will be more of an evolution of the current model rather than a groundbreaking revolution. While specific details about the console’s design and capabilities remain shrouded in mystery, Toto’s expectations suggest that it might resemble a “Switch Pro” more than a completely new concept.

The cost: a hefty $400 and £70 games

While Nintendo fans might hope for an affordable price point for the Switch 2, Toto’s projections hint otherwise. He anticipates a launch price of $400, which translates to roughly £315. However, when accounting for regional pricing differences, the actual UK price could approach £400. This estimate raises concerns among gamers already feeling the financial strain of purchasing new hardware.

Game prices on the rise

Another significant revelation in Dr. Toto’s predictions is the expected increase in game prices. Currently, most Nintendo first-party titles are priced at £50, with few exceptions like Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom at £60. Toto suggests that the Nintendo Switch 2 may introduce a new pricing standard, pushing game prices up to $70, a figure that equates to £70 in the UK. This price point aligns with the cost of many high-profile games for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, signaling a potentially costly gaming future for Nintendo fans.

Reactions and concerns

The original Nintendo Switch launched in the UK at a price of £279. If Toto’s predictions hold true, the Switch 2’s price could be significantly higher. Gamers worldwide will closely monitor Nintendo’s official announcements, hoping for more clarity on pricing and what changes the next iteration will bring.

Dr. Toto’s assessment is not the only viewpoint on the upcoming Switch 2. Various analysts and industry figures have shared their insights, creating a diverse landscape of expectations for Nintendo’s future.

AI integration and gaming trends

Analysts like Lisa Cosmas Hanson from Niko Partners anticipate not only a Nintendo Switch 2 announcement but also a possible PS5 Pro reveal from Sony. Additionally, they foresee a new competitor in the dedicated PC gaming handheld sector. The world of gaming is set to witness exciting developments in the coming year, with a focus on AI integration and technological advancements.

2024 predictions

Tom Wijman of Newzoo goes a step further by predicting a 2024 launch for the Nintendo Switch 2. Alongside this, he anticipates the release of a new 3D Mario game and proper digital accounts that enable gamers to transfer their games from the original Switch. These predictions align with existing hints from Nintendo and industry sources, although the reliability of Nintendo rumors remains a topic of debate.

As the gaming community anticipates the arrival of the Nintendo Switch 2, analysts provide valuable insights, hinting at both excitement and concerns. While expectations for the console’s design and capabilities vary, Dr. Serkan Toto’s projection of a £70 price tag for games has stirred discussion. Gamers worldwide await Nintendo’s official announcement to get a clearer picture of what to expect from the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch 2. Until then, the gaming industry keeps evolving, with AI integration and technological advancements paving the way for exciting developments in the coming year.

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