Nine Blocks Capital Management Secures Dubai Digital Assets License


  • Nine Blocks Capital Management secures the first cryptocurrency hedge fund license from Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA).
  • The firm also announces Dubai as its new global headquarters, tapping into the city’s thriving crypto business ecosystem.

Nine Blocks Capital Management, a trailblazer in the cryptocurrency hedge fund arena, has achieved a significant milestone by securing a license from Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA). This achievement positions Nine Blocks as the first cryptocurrency hedge fund to operate under the comprehensive regulatory framework established by VARA. In a strategic move, the hedge fund has also declared Dubai as its new global headquarters.

This development underscores Dubai’s emergence as a hub for cryptocurrency businesses. The city’s clear and extensive regulatory guidelines offer a stark contrast to the ambiguous regulatory environments in other regions, particularly the United States. This environment has fostered a thriving community of crypto enterprises, with Nine Blocks at the forefront, leveraging Dubai’s progressive stance on digital assets.

Dubai: A flourishing hub for crypto businesses

Dubai has emerged as a beacon for cryptocurrency businesses, offering a stark contrast to the regulatory uncertainties prevalent in markets like the United States. The city has developed a comprehensive regulatory framework that covers a wide spectrum of crypto-related activities, including issuance, exchange services, and advertising. The clear and comprehensive rulebook has been instrumental in attracting a plethora of crypto businesses to the region, creating a thriving community.

Henri Arslanian, co-founder of Nine Blocks, highlighted the unique ecosystem that VARA has fostered in Dubai. In an interview, he remarked, “What’s interesting is that VARA has really created an ecosystem for crypto in Dubai. Many of our hedge fund’s counterparties are just a minute walk away from my office. Everybody is in  one square kilometer, which makes it easy to meet up, have conversations and generally enables a good exchange of information.” The proximity and concentration of crypto businesses facilitate a vibrant exchange of ideas and opportunities, making Dubai an ideal location for firms like Nine Blocks.

Nine Blocks’s market-neutral strategy

Nine Blocks Capital Management distinguishes itself through its market-neutral trading strategy. The approach focuses on capitalizing on arbitrage opportunities and market inefficiencies within the cryptocurrency space, rather than betting on the directional movement of the market. Such a strategy is particularly appealing in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies, where prices can fluctuate wildly.

Explaining the fund’s strategy, Arslanian said, “Being market neutral, we don’t take any directional risk, so whether bitcoin is going up or going down doesn’t matter much to us. We generate alpha from the inefficiencies in crypto markets. So, we will arbitrage between perpetual swaps and the spot price of bitcoin and ETH, for example.” The method allows Nine Blocks to remain relatively unaffected by market volatility, focusing instead on the gaps and inefficiencies that exist between different cryptocurrency products and markets.

Setting a precedent in the crypto hedge fund space

The granting of a license to Nine Blocks by VARA underlines Dubai’s position as a forward-thinking and crypto-friendly jurisdiction. It sets a precedent for other cryptocurrency hedge funds and businesses looking to operate in a regulated and supportive environment. The move by Nine Blocks to make Dubai its global headquarters further reinforces the city’s status as a burgeoning global center for digital assets and blockchain technology.

The strategic decision by Nine Blocks not only aligns with the company’s growth objectives but also places it at the forefront of a new wave of financial innovation. By situating itself in Dubai, Nine Blocks is well-positioned to leverage the advantages offered by the city’s regulatory clarity, its growing ecosystem of crypto businesses, and its strategic location as a crossroads between East and West.


Nine Blocks Capital Management’s acquisition of a digital assets license in Dubai and its decision to establish its global headquarters in the city mark a significant moment in the evolution of the cryptocurrency industry. These developments not only underscore the fund’s commitment to regulatory compliance and innovation but also highlight Dubai’s emerging role as a global hub for digital assets. As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, the strategic positioning of Nine Blocks in Dubai positions it to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the dynamic and rapidly growing sector.

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