Nigeria’s Top Banks Collaborate on New cNGN Stablecoin


  • Nigeria’s major banks are collaborating to create the cNGN stablecoin, a digital currency designed to complement the existing eNaira and to support blockchain technology, enhancing the Nigerian economy and financial system.
  • The cNGN, backed by these banks and interoperable with various public blockchains, symbolizes Nigeria’s progressive embrace of blockchain technology and digital currencies, positioning the country as a leader in financial innovation.

Principal Nigerian banks have joined forces to create the cNGN stablecoin, a new digital currency set to revolutionize the financial landscape in Nigeria.

The initiative represents a significant collaboration within the Nigerian banking sector, aiming to enhance the digital currency ecosystem and bring substantial benefits to both the economy and token holders.

The cNGN Stablecoin: Bridging traditional and digital finance

The cNGN stablecoin is designed to complement, not replace, the existing eNaira digital currency created by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). While the eNaira boasts broader capabilities under the direct oversight of the CBN, the cNGN is managed by a consortium of Nigerian banks, marking a unique approach in the country’s financial system.

Sources close to the project, who have chosen to remain anonymous, reveal that the cNGN token is fully backed, ensuring a one-to-one correlation with the Naira (N1) held by these banks. The feature guarantees stability and trust in the digital currency. Furthermore, unlike the eNaira, the cNGN offers interoperability with various public blockchains, including Bantu, Polygon, Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Tron. The capability allows for seamless global transfers and expands the token’s international usability.

The cNGN initiative is a collaborative effort involving key players in the Nigerian financial and technology sectors. Notable participants include Access Bank, Sterling Bank, Providus, Korapay, First Bank, Interstellar, Interswitch, Budpay, and Convexity. The consortium reflects a significant alliance and commitment to advancing digital currency solutions in the country.

Regulatory compliance and the role of the central bank of Nigeria

The cNGN is positioned as a compliant and regulated consortium-backed stablecoin. It maintains a stable peg to the Naira, held in reserve bank accounts, differentiating it from other digital currencies. The involvement of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is crucial, as it has allowed banks to spearhead the project, recognizing the need for the financial system to support and facilitate blockchain technology. The move comes amidst the Nigerian SEC’s complex processes for operating digital services.

As the development of the cNGN stablecoin progresses, there is growing anticipation for more information about its potential impact on both the country’s economy and the broader global financial landscape. The introduction of the digital currency is seen as a significant step, not only in terms of financial innovation but also as an indicator of Nigeria’s forward-thinking approach to adopting blockchain technology and digital currencies.

The cNGN stablecoin represents more than just a new financial tool; it symbolizes the contry’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancement in the financial sector. The initiative reflects the country’s dedication to embracing new technologies that can enhance economic efficiency and inclusivity, positioning Nigeria as a leader in the digital currency space on the African continent and beyond.


The launch of the cNGN stablecoin by Nigeria’s top banks marks a significant milestone in the country’s journey towards digital financial innovation. The collaborative effort demonstrates the potential of blockchain technology to transform traditional banking systems and offers a glimpse into the future of digital currencies in Africa and beyond. As developments continue, the cNGN stablecoin is poised to become a key player in the global digital currency landscape.

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