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NFTs and websites authentication services within the digital asset space

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain-verified assets are at the forefront of the cryptocurrency industry. They dominate the digital assets market, and their popularity continues to grow by the day. However, collecting and trading NFTs is a serious job. 

One of the most important aspects of any NFTs collection is ensuring that you deal with genuine, authentic, and unique. A technological solution like REV3AL can help you guarantee the authenticity of NFTs.

It is not common knowledge, but NFTs have been around since 2010. However, they gained mainstream recognition in 2017 when CryptoKitties allowed people to buy virtual cats using cryptocurrencies. More NFT sales websites and marketplaces began to appear as the industry grew. 

As more options became available, traders also had to make more decisions. Now, they have to identify authentic and trustworthy websites and marketplaces. They are also responsible for verifying the NFT originality, genuineness, and uniqueness and differentiating them from fraudulent imitations. 

The answer to these questions is not far-fetched when you know what you need. REV3AL can help you verify, validate, and confirm the authenticity of your digital assets and NFTs. 

NFT authenticity review 

REV3AL aims to defend intellectual property, artists, and copyright owners in the digital space through multi-layered verification methods. The most significant problem with digital media is the ease of duplicating files and assets. 

This innovative technology addresses this problem by providing a unique encryption model and authentication process. REV3AL provides multi-layered and multi-factor approaches that guarantee the authenticity of a digital asset and help maintain its value. 

Any buyer can initiate the verification process from their device using REV3AL’s multi-factor processor interface. Users can quickly authenticate and verify digital assets through physical decoder technology.

How to use REV3AL

REV3AL is a state-of-the-art technology that protects artists, creators, IP owners, and collectors simultaneously. 

For marketplaces

REV3AL offers optimal API license integration with existing NFT and digital media marketplaces. It provides multiple authentication layers to ensure users only mint and list original items. 

For artists & creators

REV3AL allows artists and creators to use its technology to upload and copyright their creations to maintain the value of their authentic digital assets. Creators can add unique identifiers such as watermarks, stamps, and images. These unique identifiers help them protect, validate and authenticate their work.

For IP owners

IP owners can add markers to their demonstrations and publications using REV3AL’s software. The encrypted authentication tags added to these assets help them prove ownership and preserve their intellectual property.

For collectors 

REV3AL’s proprietary software allows collectors to upload and verify the authenticity of digital collectibles. It also offers hidden encryptions that help improve the worth of the NFTs and digital assets.

REV3AL technology proposes a fast and reliable solution to NFT creators and marketplaces. Its combination of novel technologies helps different categories of NFT space participants secure and authenticate original pieces. It also offers self-verification through physical interaction on devices and the REV3AL platform. A timely invention like REV3AL could be the next step in evolving security within the NFT space.

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