NFT market indices show resilience despite major hack


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  • Crypto community’s unity resolved NFT theft, proving resilience.
  • NFT market indices remain stable despite the significant hack.
  • Year-to-date NFT performance highlights the market’s inherent volatility.

In the aftermath of a major hack on the NFT Trader platform, which resulted in the theft of nearly $3 million worth of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), the crypto community has witnessed a swift and successful recovery of the stolen assets. 

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) NFTs were returned to their rightful owners thanks to the collaborative efforts of Yuga Labs’ Greg Solano and the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) known as Boring Security.

Stable NFT indices

Despite the significant heist, the NFT market indices, particularly Nansen’s NFT-500 and Blue-Chip-10, have demonstrated stability in the wake of the incident. 

This resilience showcases the maturing nature of the NFT market and the confidence of investors in the asset class.

Impact on year-to-date performance

While the NFT market remained relatively unaffected by the hack, it is noteworthy that Nansen’s NFT-500 index has experienced a 0.88% decrease when measured in ether (ETH) value. 

Similarly, the Blue Chip 10 index is down by 0.51%. However, it’s important to note that these indices have also shown broader fluctuations throughout the year, with Nansen’s NFT-500 index down by 49% and the Blue Chip 10 index down by 45% in ETH value since the beginning of the year.

Swift recovery of stolen NFTs

In a commendable display of solidarity within the crypto community, the stolen NFTs were swiftly returned to their rightful owners after being held hostage by the hacker. The thief had initially demanded a ransom of 120 ETH, equivalent to approximately $260,000, in exchange for the return of the NFTs.

The collaborative efforts to recover the stolen assets were orchestrated by Boring Security, a DAO governed by code rather than traditional leadership. The pivotal role played by Greg Solano, co-founder of Yuga Labs, cannot be overstated, as his contribution to the bounty facilitated the successful retrieval of the NFTs.

Stability in NFT indices

Despite the gravity of the NFT Trader hack, the broader NFT market exhibited resilience. Nansen’s NFT-500 index, a benchmark for NFT performance, only saw a marginal decline of 0.88% when measured in ETH. Similarly, the Blue Chip 10 index, which tracks the performance of the top NFTs in the market, experienced a relatively small drop of 0.51%.

This stability reflects the growing maturity of the NFT market, where investors and collectors remain confident in the long-term value of their digital assets. The ability of the market to absorb such incidents without significant disruptions is a testament to its robustness.

While the NFT market remained steady in the face of the recent hack, it is crucial to consider the broader context of year-to-date performance. Nansen’s NFT-500 index has witnessed a 49% decline in value when measured in ETH since the beginning of the year. Similarly, the Blue Chip 10 index has recorded a 45% drop in value during the same period.

These year-to-date figures emphasize the inherent volatility of the NFT market. Investors should remain cautious and well-informed, recognizing that despite short-term stability, the NFT space can be subject to significant price fluctuations over longer periods.

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