NFT artists lose fortune as royalties plummet

NFT artists lose fortune as markets and royalties plummetNFT artists lose fortune as markets and royalties plummet

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  • NFT market sees declining artist incomes due to slashed royalties.
  • Leading NFT platforms Blur and OpenSea reduce royalties to boost sales.
  • Trading volumes dropped 95% since January 2022.

Artists behind the once-thriving Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market are grappling with dwindling fortunes. The world of digital collectibles, which once soared to unimaginable heights, is now undergoing a massive shake-up.

One might argue it’s the inevitable result of over-speculation and greed.

Markets Nose-Dive, Creators Bear the Brunt

Leading NFT platforms Blur and OpenSea, perhaps in desperation or sheer audacity, have opted for slashing the royalties handed out to artists. It’s a transparent bid to revitalize the sagging buying and selling activity.

These platforms seem to be in a free-fall race, putting their profitability over the very creators who fueled their platforms in the first place.

Trading volumes have plummeted, taking a nosedive of a staggering 95% since January 2022. To throw more salt on the wound, royalties, which once touched the $269 million mark, recorded a measly $4.3 million this July.

Thanks to this, we’ve seen artist incomes wane and their enthusiasm dampened, risking a freeze in the creation of fresh content.

Phillip Kassab of Sei Labs aptly highlights the flawed strategy of undermining creators, indicating that the balance between traders and artists is fragile, and toying with it could be catastrophic.

New Platforms, Old Tactics

The landscape of the NFT domain changed with the introduction of Blur. This new player’s audacious strategy, centered around slashing royalty rates, sent shockwaves through the market, pushing even giants like OpenSea to rethink their approach.

Notably, Blur now boasts of managing a whopping 70% of daily volume on the Ethereum blockchain.

While some might call it innovation, others, like myself, would term it pure, unadulterated recklessness. Ally Zach from Messari encapsulated the current climate by suggesting that with Blur’s arrival, the nature of NFTs has veered more towards financial exploitation.

In the midst of all this chaos, speculations about the future of NFTs are rampant. While many criticize the boom of digital collectibles as merely a passing trend, icons such as the renowned artist behind “Everydays” believe in the potential resurgence of the sector.

There’s an increasing clamor around redefining how royalty rates should be determined. The idea is to embed these rates within the NFT software itself, ensuring platforms can’t whimsically modify them.

Voices from the industry, including Chris Akhavan from Magic Eden, assert the criticality of coding these rules into the very fabric of web3 platforms.

OpenSea’s Shiva Rajaraman hinted at newer avenues for artists, such as merging NFTs with merchandise sales to ensure sustained income streams.

But, frankly, that’s like applying a band-aid to a gushing wound. Artists like Matt Kane, who’ve experienced the highs of the NFT market, now confront a grim reality.

Kane, candidly expressing the sentiment of many, mentioned the inherent promise of NFTs — fostering a scenario where everyone’s success was universally celebrated. Instead, the industry appears to be regressing, morphing into a zero-sum game of winners and losers.

Bottomline is the recent upheavals in the NFT market underscore a pressing need for introspection. The artistry and creativity that heralded the rise of digital collectibles must not be squandered for shortsighted gains.

The NFT space, as it stands, is at a crossroads, and the direction it chooses will shape its legacy. One can only hope that genuine artistry and innovation prevail over opportunistic endeavors.

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