Next Earth – Can an NFT-based Metaverse Project Rank among the Top 100 Crypto Projects?

Can an NFT based metaverse project rank in the top crypto projects

Since it first appeared on the scene, crypto laid the foundations for a decentralized, community-driven, sovereign economic system with a universal appeal. Today, metaverses are rewriting the script with digital personas and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). They offer the freedom to exist online in a truly digital world, gaining millions of participants and even more admirers across the globe.

The potential of metaverses is highlighted by the attention that virtual land deals are enjoying right now. In our quest to be a networked species, we have settled on a future that functions via online routes. Despite doubts and concerns, metaverses have continued to enjoy rising popularity.

However, of all these metaverses, which one delivers a truly all-encompassing digital life? 

Not every metaverse is the same, which is evident in the community numbers and token price movements. Apart from the technical indicators, the digital experience on offer sets each metaverse apart from the other. The earlier projects encountered problems and limitations, while the newer entrants looked to improve the existing systems.

Next Earth – massive potential for growth

In terms of sheer potential for digital life, Next Earth does have a promising future. Firstly, it is still in its infancy, which presents more virtual land to users that have never been previously occupied. They have an open world laid out for them to design as per their will. 

Secondly, investment prospects are vastly more than the competition since land appreciation is still in the affordable territory. Lastly, the community is growing fast, which represents a massive potential for growth.

  • Next Earth promises secure and super-fast transactions, unlike its Ethereum-based counterparts. A block time of under three seconds isn’t something that comes around every day.
  • Cross shard transactions are much more secure, and chances of take-over attacks are minimal.
  • BEP-20 tokens are highly flexible and versatile in terms of transactions.
  • Staking rewards are superior, ranging from 1 to 20 percent of the transaction amount for various transacting businesses.
  • BEP-20 tokens have disinflationary characteristics, ensuring appropriate burning of tokens to maintain equilibrium as the platform advances further.

Institutional trust fades – Will Next Earth rise to the challenge?

Not every project is worth an individual’s time and capital. Virtual environments, especially metaverses, demand enormous resources on the part of the community. With Web 2.0’s shortcomings increasingly threatening digital freedom, users are flocking towards metaverses such as Next Earth to relish human joys.

Next Earth is a neutral platform that desists subjective censorship, promotes decentralization, protects privacy, and performs as a seamless physical-virtual bridge. NFTs provide much-needed online financial freedom along with superior transactional characteristics.

Whether it is digital art or virtual land, Next Earth is developing a token that is up to the mark. Providing a highly immersive and interconnected virtual existence, Next Earth has all the characteristics of a true crypto project.

Will Next Earth break into the top 100 crypto projects?

Currently, metaverses are beginning to experience FOMO (Fear-of-Missing-out), driving up the virtual land prices. Investors are scrambling to comprehend the craze and exploit the investment potential. In such a scenario, projects like Next Earth are likely to benefit from their relatively late entry since users appreciate more sort-out digital experiences.

In our times, we can’t possibly understand the true scale of metaverses as they are miles ahead into the future compared to any parallel concept. However, cryptocurrencies faced a similar conundrum some 10 years ago, and look where we all are today.

The beauty of the crypto realm is that it has achieved success against all odds. Today, metaverses represent the pinnacle of crypto innovation.

Most importantly, what will propel Next Earth into the top 100 crypto projects will be its reliance on the core ethos of the crypto realm, i.e., transparency, decentralization, and privacy.

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