New “The Whisperer” Season in Waven Offers Exciting Rewards and Gameplay


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  • Ankama Studio’s Waven unveils ‘The Whisperer’ season with exciting rewards and a new Time Portal gameplay twist.
  • Collaboration with RADIANT manga author Tony Valente brings an exclusive ultimate skin to Waven players.
  • Astramantis heroes join Waven permanently, enhancing combat with their unique ‘Mantis Leap’ ability.

Ankama Studio has announced the launch of the highly-anticipated “The Whisperer” season for Waven, providing players with an array of rewards and thrilling gameplay. The season is now live, commencing on January 16th, and will run until February 13th. Waven enthusiasts can look forward to an assortment of over 26 rewards with the Gold Pass and an impressive 56 rewards with the Platinum + Gold Pass.

Developers have introduced a brand-new Time Portal, allowing players to assume the role of the enigmatic Whisperers. These mysterious, armored beings operate in groups and have caught many by surprise. Players are urged to venture into the Time Portal and take on the invading Bonta Guard. By utilizing the “Reinforcements” mechanic to summon troops, players can ascend the seasonal rankings and fend off the Whisperer threat.

During this period, the Whisperers will invade WAVEN alongside the Astramantis heroes, who are now available for free. The Astramantises, first featured in an early access sneak peek during the Albuera Season, can now be selected directly from the character creation menu. Players can embrace the power of these IOPS and utilize their unique “Mantis Leap” passive ability to dive headfirst into battle. In celebration of these new heroes, Ankama Studio collaborated with Tony Valente, the renowned manga author of RADIANT, to offer an exclusive ultimate skin, available for purchase with gems in the in-game shop.

Whisperer Mode – A closer look at the rewards

Players can expect a variety of enticing rewards in the Whisperer mode, enhancing their gaming experience. These include:

Whisperer Pet: A loyal companion to join players on their adventures.

Visual Effects: A stunning set of visual effects that can be showcased during combat and throughout the game world.

Whisperer Emotes: A collection of stylish and unique emotes for players to express themselves.

Season Tickets: Increased opportunities to engage in battles against the Bontarians.

Gems: A plethora of gems to acquire more skins, visual effects, and emotes from the WAVEN in-game shop.

The addition of these rewards enhances the overall gameplay experience, providing both new and seasoned players with exciting incentives to engage in the Whisperer mode.

Collaboration with Tony Valente – Unveiling the ultimate skin

*Ankama Studio’s collaboration with Tony Valente, the renowned manga author behind RADIANT, has resulted in the creation of an exclusive ultimate skin. This unique skin pays homage to the Astramantis heroes and is available for purchase using in-game gems. It offers players an opportunity to stand out with a distinctive appearance in the world of Waven.*

Astramantis heroes Join the Fray

The Astramantis heroes, initially introduced during the Albuera Season, have now become a permanent part of the Waven universe. These powerful IOPS bring their unique “Mantis Leap” passive ability to the battlefield, allowing players to engage in combat with a newfound agility and strategic advantage.

The Astramantises are readily accessible from the character creation menu, providing players with the opportunity to immerse themselves in this exciting aspect of Waven without any additional cost.

Ankama Studio’s latest season, “The Whisperer,” has introduced a wealth of rewards and exciting gameplay elements to Waven. With the new Time Portal, players can step into the shoes of the enigmatic Whisperers and face the invading Bonta Guard. The addition of the Astramantis heroes, alongside an exclusive ultimate skin designed in collaboration with manga author Tony Valente, adds depth and excitement to the game.

The Whisperer mode offers a variety of rewards, from pets and visual effects to emotes and season tickets. Players can use gems to further customize their experience through skins, visual effects, and emotes available in the in-game shop.

With this latest season, Waven continues to evolve, providing players with fresh content and thrilling gameplay. Don’t miss the opportunity to join the battle against the Whisperers and explore the exciting world of Waven, available now until February 13th.

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