New Launch:The Degen Plan, the key to data-driven crypto investing. 


  • The Degen plan is made for serious crypto investors with a passion for analysis driven by market analytics before placing investments.
  • Subscribers can enjoy unlimited daily syncs, 1m history transaction records, 500 portfolio transactions, and more. 
  • It provides a new way for crypto investors to navigate the crypto bull run confidently. 

Seasoned crypto investors are more often than not faced with tough choices on what to invest in, what projects could be scams, and what not. The Degen plan provides the most robust analytical solution to this problem. Ideally, the only way to determine the legitimacy of a crypto project, besides fundamental analysis, is the ability to crunch numbers and figure out what projects are worth buying into.

However, market analysis is not always easy to conduct. Unlike the typical technical analysis day traders use, long-term investors require more information on the ecosystem to determine the overall growth outlook of each and every project. 

The Degen plan provides a new way to ride this current crypto market with confidence, as it’s designed to crunch numbers so that crypto investors can digest and process them easily. 

What Value does CoinStat’s Degen Subscription Plan offer Crypto Investors?

Created by Narek Gevorgyan, the founder and CEO of CoinStats, Degen Plan promises a whole lot of value to its subscribers. It provides a deeper analysis of cryptocurrencies, with smart tracking capabilities that match the highly volatile nature of the crypto market. 

With the Degen plan, crypto investors can unlock the next level of crypto trading and invest by tracking 500 portfolios and a million transactions accompanied by unlimited synchronizations. Subscribers will benefit from CoinStat’s robust crypto portfolio managing tools with live data, allowing investors to make data-driven investment strategies.

Coinstats provides different plans for crypto investors depending on their needs, and the basic and premium plans are sufficient for crypto investors with limited passion for numbers. Even though they offer 40  daily sync counts per portfolio and up to 20,000 transactions, the basic plan does not meet the robust requirements of a seasoned crypto investor.

The Premium plan takes it up a notch, with support for 100 portfolios and 100,00 transactions. 200 daily sync count per portfolio and priority support under 24 hrs. The premium plan also has portfolio performance analytics, wallet analyzers, and coin insights. 

The Degen subscription plan is the ultimate plan suitable for passionate crypto investors. It supports up to 500 portfolios, a million transactions, and infinite daily sync counts per portfolio. The plan also provides VIP support, typically under an hour of response time. 

The subscription plan gives investors access to many unique features, including but not limited to Fees Paid Analyzers, 0% swapping fees, ad-free, new transaction notifications, 2x more sparks, portfolio heatmap, Profit & Loss, Custom Alerts, and Asset Allocation Analytics, among others.

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