New Code of Conduct for AI in Claims Industry Gains Prominent Support


  • A code of conduct for AI in claims, supported by industry leaders, promotes ethical AI use.
  • Eddie Longworth leads the effort to address ethics concerns in claims processing.
  • Key principles include transparency, fairness, data privacy, and human oversight to bridge the ethics gap in AI.

A voluntary code of conduct has recently been introduced to address the ethical challenges posed by artificial intelligence (AI) in the claims industry. This initiative seeks to bridge the gap in ethical AI utilization within claims management, supported by key players in the sector, including QuestGates, Covea, and Ecclesiastical. 

Spearheaded by industry veteran Eddie Longworth, chairman of JEL Consulting, this code sets clear guidelines for the ethical deployment of AI in claims processing.

Prominent industry support

The introduction of this voluntary code of conduct has garnered significant backing from influential organizations within the claims industry. QuestGates, a leading provider of claims solutions, has supported the initiative. Covea, a major insurance company, has also pledged to adhere to these ethical guidelines. Ecclesiastical, a specialist insurer, completes the list of notable supporters.

The claims industry has long grappled with the ethical implications of incorporating AI into its operations. Eddie Longworth highlights the pressing issue by referring to a “gulf of ethics” currently in claims processing. This gap necessitates a concerted effort to ensure that AI is deployed responsibly and ethically to prevent potential harm to claimants and maintain trust within the industry.

Key guidelines of the code of conduct

The newly launched code of conduct outlines a series of guidelines to ensure the ethical use of AI in claims processing. While not exhaustive, some key principles within the code include:

Transparency and Accountability: The code emphasizes the importance of transparency in AI decision-making processes. It advocates for clear explanations of how AI systems reach their conclusions and calls for accountability in case of errors or biased outcomes.

Fair Treatment: AI systems should be programmed to treat all claimants impartially and without discrimination. The code underscores the need to eliminate bias in AI algorithms and the importance of ongoing monitoring to identify and rectify potential biases.

Data Privacy: Claimants’ data should be handled with utmost care and in compliance with relevant data protection regulations. The code stipulates the responsible management of data to safeguard privacy rights.

Human Oversight: While AI can enhance efficiency, the code underscores the necessity of maintaining human oversight in claims processing. Human expertise should be readily available to review and make decisions when required.

Continuous Improvement: The code promotes a culture of continuous improvement in AI systems. It encourages organizations to regularly assess and update their AI models to enhance accuracy and fairness.

Ethical Use of Data: Organizations should use data responsibly and ensure that the data used to train AI models is collected and used in an ethical manner. This includes obtaining informed consent from claimants when necessary.

Industry-wide impact

Adopting this code of conduct is expected to have a far-reaching impact on the claims industry. By adhering to these ethical guidelines, organizations aim to build trust with claimants and demonstrate their commitment to responsible AI utilization. This initiative also sets a precedent for ethical AI use in other sectors, encouraging the development of similar codes of conduct.

Eddie Longworth, the driving force behind this initiative, envisions a claims industry where AI is a powerful tool for efficiency and a beacon of ethical responsibility. Longworth’s extensive experience in the industry lends credibility to the code of conduct, and his leadership has garnered support from key industry players.

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