Neurogress rises to the challenge of the pandemic with NeVRoPlex stress reduction program

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The Robotic ASD Satellite (RAS), a Neurogress project for autistic children is one of the finalists in the Brics Solutions Awards. RAS is an automated software and hardware complex (hereinafter – PAK) for organizing independent work of a child, based on machine learning, on elements of artificial intelligence and neurotechnology.

Most of the studies documented that a rise in unemployment, increased workload, staff reduction, and wages reduction were linked to an increased rate of mood disorders, anxiety, depression, dysthymia, and suicide. Stress, in particular, could lead to all-round serious illness, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and even lead to suicide. So, what could be a stress solution that could save companies and more importantly, save lives?

With this question in mind, we look with interest at the assessment of the NeVRoPlex suite by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, which reads in part: 

“The analysis of the results obtained made it possible to formulate the following conclusions VR-meditation can be effectively used as monotherapy (10 sessions) in the correction of symptoms of neurotic anxiety in the absence of any concomitant neurotic symptoms…”

Corporate stresses could indeed amplify the current economic downturn—as firms cut investment spending and reduce employment—potentially giving rise to significant indirect losses for the financial system. Timelines are compressed and validated models might not be adapted for the specific stresses. Everyone’s looking at the vaccine as a solution but the more pressing need is mental health which affects everyone, more so, in isolation.

After seeing the NeVRoPlex suite in the 2019 Barcelona Healthy Hab Summit, NOVARTIS, the global healthcare company based in Switzerland, has asked for a private demonstration. NeVRoPlex could be the new normal for companies considering so many other means have failed.

Neurogress to the rescue

In this chaotic turn of events that led to the lockdown and economic slowdown, Neurogress diligently researched on a way to prevent or alleviate stresses. The challenge is even more complex as businesses must keep running despite unusual processes. Neurogress has risen to this challenge by developing a stress reduction program based on neuro and VR technologies.

Launching the software and hardware complex is extremely important to increase employees’ performance to as much as 26%. Dubbed as the NeVRoPlex suite, this stress reduction program is designed to increase an individual’s performance, improve efficiency by improving their mental state. Simply put, the program will potentially improve an employee’s performance despite being in the pandemic by decreasing his level of stress.

The NeVRoPlex suite includes:

With NeVRoPlex, here are the projected benefits:

What started as a technological campaign driven to champion disability and removing boundaries of accepted impossibilities, now taps into a deeper level of humanity that satisfies man more than science, to alleviate the pain and suffering brought about by the coronavirus.

Neuro-controlled devices have infinite areas of applications, including in medicine, robotics, gaming, transportation, construction, and The Internet Of Things. The next big step projected by Neurogress is a neurocontrolled Smart Environment enriched with gadgets and devices controlled with the power of thought. The proposed ecosystem will help improve neurocontrol of other gadgets, including household appliances and entire standalone systems such as drones, robots, augmented reality devices and other mechatronic devices.

Then Covid 19 happened and Neurogress saw the timeliness in developing a product which will rescue the world from the effects of the pandemic. Imagine the benefits from the introduction of modern neural technology which will cut down expenses on disease prevention, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation methods, all because of the strengthening effect of the complex. Stress reduces immunity which is a risk for Covid 19 infections.

The stress reduction software increases concentration and helps determine the emotional and psychological state of employees. Up to 10 users can use one complex.As the software is safe to use for the whole family, each member can benefit from lower stress and a healthy lifestyle. Investing in one unit can bring labor productivity increases by 26.5%, and save the company’s financial resources. All these data computations were conducted before the Covid 19 breakout.

The end goal for Neurogress is not just to encourage developers to bring innovative new neuro-controlled devices to the market, but also to revolutionize how people interact with technology. Through gradually eliminating reliance on cumbersome physical interfaces, Neurogress aims to transform how people bring their creative and intellectual pursuits to fruition, thus becoming a locomotive for constant progress in neurocontrol.

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