Netflix’s “Mother of the Bride” Sparks Controversy: AI-Generated Script Allegations

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  • Netflix’s newest release, “Mother of the Bride,” directed at romance fans, is igniting many questions among audiences. 
  • Some viewers claim that the script could have been AI-generated.
  • There is no confirmation that the AI-generated script is the main cause of backlash.

It seems like Netflix’s newest release, “Mother of the Bride,” directed at romance fans, is igniting many questions among audiences. The movie, featuring three renowned actors, Brooke Shields, Miranda Cosgrove, and Chad Michael Murray, is the first on the UK’s list of top movies to watch. Nevertheless, its rapid ascendancy has been accompanied by a tsunami of criticism, with some viewers asserting that the script may have been written by artificial intelligence (AI).

Viewer AI allegations

“Mother of the Bride” is a story that starts with Lana, the mother, who travels to Thailand with her daughter Miranda, who is having a destination wedding. While she understands this, the plot twist comes when she discovers her daughter’s soon-to-be-husband is Benaul De La Cruz, the son of her former lover Benjamin Bratt, who left her several years ago without a word. In a typical rom-com way, Lana goes out on a spontaneous date with a doctor called Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) to make her ex-boyfriend jealous.

Regarding the film, which topped the Netflix charts for a week, many viewers expressed their strong negative opinion about it owing to its poor value. Some have even gone to the extent of saying that the script could have been AI-generated. This is because it seems to lack depth and is heavily dependent on social media references and pop culture trends.

One viewer, Jesse_bsladet, took to X (formerly Twitter) to express their frustration: The quote from Netflix’s “Mother of the Bride,” titled “Terrible and Not Even in the Good. It is an Artificial Intelligence writing beyond limits and with connection to social media videos, unquestionably complete brain mush and that was exactly what I needed today.”

The other viewer, Amy Alspaugh, also shared a similar opinion; she said that the movie, “MOTB on Netflix” was her all-time worst movie that she had ever watched.

Industry perspective

The criticism did not even end at the alleged AI-generated script. Viewers had faulted with the acting skill in that movie as well. As was experienced by iamrenike, a user, “[In my opinion] this movie’s performance was not performed at its best”.

Although there is no confirmation of AI-generated script being the main cause of backlash, the controversies, in the end, evoke some intriguing questions related to the function of computer intelligence in highly creative areas such as filmmaking. With increasing AI technology, it can occur that AI software may be used in the postproduction and the scripts would be generated by the AI.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to emphasize that the criticism directed at “Mother of the Bride” is personal and depends on individual views. Obviously, the film’s ranking on netflix charts by no means confirms for certain that the script has necessarily been completely original, but for sure it has managed to capture the interest and attention of a sizeable part of the audience.

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