Nestree partner Luniverse blockchain for enhancements

Nestree partner Luniverse blockchain for enhancements

The blockchain-based messenger app that operates on a reward-based system Nestree partner Luniverse blockchain company for enhancements.

Nestree is categorized as a blockchain messenger used for social activities and rewards its users on the completion of certain objectives formulated by them. It is a decentralized application platform that is inculcated with motives such as social interaction, rewards, trade, cryptocurrency wallet, etc.

This application increased the efficacy and utilization of blockchains as well as cryptocurrency. Due to its characteristics which attract users so much, it has gained eighty thousand (80,000) of them within the last six (6) months.

Dunamu, the operator of the South-Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit, sponsored the newly announced partnership of Nestree with Luniverse.

Nestree collaborated with the coalition and consortium-based blockchain service Luniverse, which is growing as Blockchain as a service (BaaS) provider.

Why Nestree partner Luniverse?

This collaboration will benefit Nestree as it will make the messenger user-friendly and economical. Nestree aims to attain these goals by lowering the transaction fee and speeding up the quantity of token-transfer.

It also comprises of sidechains ready for utilization by the users, which allow digital currency to be transferred from one blockchain to another securely. Currency can also be used to transfer the digital currency back to the original blockchain if required.

Nestree promises to create as many sidechains as required by the users to make their application the most efficient, along with providing the most aesthetic experience a DApp can provide.

The co-founder of Nestree Jun-Yoon exclaimed how the company’s first and foremost effort is to provide users with a faultless experience even if it includes the betterment of every aspect of the application including better speed or reduction of the transaction fee.

Along with that, the current collaboration will allow Nestree to use LUniverse’s features entailing the characteristics used for mapping wallets, and key restoration & backups via externally owned accounts (EOAs) and User Management services, respectively.

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