Nervos CKB Partners with OneKey for New Hardware Wallet


  • Nervos Network has partnered with OneKey Wallet to launch a co-branded hardware wallet, aiming to improve security and user experience by simplifying access to the CKB mainnet and its DApp ecosystem.
  • The strategic collaboration highlights the importance of partnerships in the blockchain industry, leveraging the strengths of both parties to offer users enhanced functionality, security, and accessibility, while also building on Nervos’s commitment to innovation and ecosystem growth.



Nervos Network, a prominent player in the blockchain space, has taken a significant step forward by partnering with OneKey Wallet, a leading name in crypto wallet solutions. The collaboration marks the launch of a co-branded hardware wallet, a move poised to enhance user experience and security for both platforms’ users. 

The partnership not only signifies the merging of two innovative forces but also highlights the growing trend of strategic collaborations within the blockchain ecosystem.

Strategic integration for enhanced user experience

The partnership between Nervos CKB and OneKey Wallet is not just a mere collaboration but a strategic integration that aims to streamline user interactions with blockchain technologies. By incorporating the ability to switch to the CKB mainnet within the OneKey Wallet, the integration simplifies on-chain transfers, making it more accessible for users to engage with the Nervos network. The feature is particularly significant as it lowers the barrier to entry for users looking to explore the functionalities and benefits of the CKB mainnet, thereby expanding the reach and utility of the Nervos ecosystem.

Moreover, the announcement heralds an exciting future for users interested in the decentralized application (DApp) landscape. The integration promises to open doors to the CKB DApp ecosystem, offering users a seamless and secure gateway to explore and interact with various DApps. The aspect of the partnership underscores a shared vision between Nervos and OneKey Wallet to foster a vibrant and accessible DApp ecosystem, contributing to the broader adoption and utilization of decentralized technologies.

The launch of the co-branded hardware wallet, scheduled for early April, is a testament to the commitment of both Nervos and OneKey Wallet towards enhancing security and user experience in the blockchain domain. Hardware wallets are renowned for their ability to provide superior security for digital assets, and the introduction of a co-branded wallet brings together the expertise and technological prowess of both entities. The product is expected to offer an optimized balance of security, functionality, and ease of use, catering to the needs of both novice and experienced users alike.

Nervos CBK building on past innovations

The partnership builds on Nervos CKB’s track record of innovative initiatives such as the ‘BTCKB’ plan and the RGB++ protocol. These initiatives, aimed at promoting the development of the Bitcoin ecosystem, underscore Nervos’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and interoperable blockchain ecosystem. By collaborating with OneKey Wallet, Nervos is not only extending its ecosystem but also reinforcing its position as a catalyst for innovation and growth within the blockchain space.

The collaboration between Nervos CKB and OneKey Wallet exemplifies the potential of strategic partnerships in driving innovation and adoption in the blockchain industry. By joining forces, both organizations are leveraging their strengths to create solutions that address the needs of the modern crypto user, from enhanced security to improved accessibility. As the blockchain landscape continues to evolve, such collaborations will likely become increasingly crucial in shaping the future of blockchain technology, offering users more integrated, secure, and user-friendly platforms.


The partnership between Nervos CKB and OneKey Wallet represents a significant milestone in the quest to make blockchain technology more accessible and secure for users worldwide. The launch of the co-branded hardware wallet is a clear indication of the potential benefits of strategic collaborations in the blockchain ecosystem, promising to deliver enhanced user experiences while paving the way for future innovations. As the blockchain community eagerly anticipates the release of the co-branded wallet, the partnership stands as a beacon of the collaborative spirit that drives the industry forward.

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