NEC’s Ren AI Pan: Bread with Romantic Flavors

Ren AI Pan

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  • NEC and Kimuraya collaborate on Ren AI Pan, an AI-inspired bread using romantic TV show and song influences.
  • Ren AI Pan caters to younger Japanese generations, tackling their decreasing interest in romantic relationships.
  • NEC’s AI analyzes emotional trends in TV and songs, shaping the creation of distinct love-evoking bread varieties.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, renowned Japanese bakery Kimuraya has joined forces with technology giant NEC to introduce a unique line of bread, “Ren AI Pan,” aimed at bridging flavors with romantic sentiments. The innovative product, set to hit supermarkets and online stores in the Tokyo area, represents a fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) analysis and cultural insights from popular TV programs and songs.

NEC’s AI integration: Crafting emotionally infused bread

NEC’s artificial intelligence technology played a pivotal role in the development of Ren AI Pan, drawing inspiration from conversations within the cast of the popular TV show “I Fell in Love with you Today” and the lyrics of songs featuring fruits and sweets. Leveraging NEC’s expertise in specialized food product development using AI, the collaboration sought to address the challenge of acquiring new customers and gaining recognition among younger consumers.

Extracting emotions from conversations and lyrics

The “NEC Enhanced Speech Analysis” tool, part of NEC’s AI technology group “NEC the WISE,” was employed to extract and analyze conversation data from three seasons of the TV show. Emotional scores were assigned to romantic scenes, allowing for the visualization of emotion trends. Simultaneously, approximately 35,000 songs containing references to 183 types of fruits, sweets, and other foods were analyzed using “NEC Data Enrichment” to assign emotional scores to lyrics, revealing emotional trends associated with food imagery.

Merging romantic scenes and culinary emotions

By linking the emotional tendencies of romantic scenes and foods, the collaboration produced a list of the top 50 foods that express the emotion of love. Kimuraya then recreated “love as a taste” by meticulously selecting combinations of foods that complement each other. The result is Ren AI Pan, a collection of bread varieties designed to evoke romantic feelings.

Unveiling Ren AI pan varieties

Utilizing NEC’s Large Language Model (LLM), Kimuraya curated distinctive product names and descriptions for Ren AI Pan, each corresponding to a unique emotional experience. The varieties include “Fate,” “First Date,” “Unforgettable,” “Tears of Heartbreak,” and “Mutual Love,” creating a diverse range of options that cater to a spectrum of romantic sentiments.

The decision to create Ren AI Pan was further fueled by a market survey indicating that younger generations in Japan are becoming increasingly distant from romantic relationships. The product not only aims to offer a novel culinary experience but also serves as a cultural bridge to connect with the evolving preferences of the target audience.

Leveraging popular TV content

“I Fell in Love with You Today,” a widely discussed TV program featuring high school students navigating the complexities of dating, provided the foundational content for the emotional analysis conducted by NEC’s AI technologies. By incorporating elements from this popular show, Ren AI Pan aims to resonate with the experiences and sentiments of its intended audience.

Future prospects: Kimuraya and NEC’s symbiotic partnership

The collaboration between Kimuraya and NEC showcases the potential for AI to revolutionize traditional industries. NEC’s track record in developing specialized food products using AI, combined with Kimuraya’s expertise in baking, has given rise to a product that not only pushes culinary boundaries but also connects with the emotional landscape of contemporary consumers.

Ren AI Pan stands as a testament to the innovative synergy between technology and the culinary arts. As it prepares to grace the shelves of supermarkets and online stores in the Tokyo region, the bread promises to be more than just a gastronomic delight; it is an embodiment of the evolving intersection between AI, culture, and consumer preferences.

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