Naver’s AI and Cloud Sector Ready for Global Market Penetration


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  • South Korea’s Naver plans to double its AI and cloud computing exports in three years, aiming to compete with U.S. and Chinese tech giants.
  • Naver has secured a $100 million contract in Saudi Arabia and is discussing further projects in the UAE, Philippines, and Singapore.
  • The company offers integrated tech services, including operating South Korea’s largest data center, emphasizing compatibility and global market fit.

South Korea’s Naver is setting its sights high, aiming to double its AI and cloud computing exports in three years. Standing apart from its American and Chinese counterparts, Naver, a powerhouse in South Korea’s tech scene, is uniquely poised to offer AI solutions and cloud services that cater to markets beyond the reach of major tech giants.

A keen understanding of varied regulatory and business environments is at the core of Naver’s strategy. CEO Kim Yuwon of Naver Cloud highlights the company’s edge in offering technologies that align more closely with the diverse needs of international clients, differentiating Naver in the competitive tech landscape.

Building global partnerships

Naver’s global ambitions are already taking shape, marked by a significant $100 million engagement to develop digital twin mapping services for Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs. This key project underscores Naver’s growing prowess and potential in the international arena. Moreover, Naver is actively pursuing opportunities in the UAE, the Philippines, and Singapore, showcasing its intention to be a major player across various regions.

These endeavors mirror a rising global inclination towards developing independent AI ecosystems, a domain where Naver’s broad range of services, from cloud computing to data centre operations, positions it as an ideal partner. The recent launch of South Korea’s largest data centre, with a capacity of 600,000 servers, is a testament to Naver’s commitment to scaling its capabilities to meet growing global demands.

Offering comprehensive tech solutions

Naver’s strategy encompasses more than just cloud computing and AI. The company’s extensive portfolio, including advancements in robotics, positions it to offer a holistic suite of services. This integrated approach is a direct response to the market’s need for technologies that seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

Kim Yuwon emphasizes that Naver’s offerings circumvent the compatibility issues often associated with non-standard U.S. technologies. This assurance of seamless integration and reliability is pivotal to Naver’s appeal, marking it as a dependable partner in the dynamic technology sector.

Naver’s aggressive strategy to double its export capacity in AI and cloud services in the coming years signifies more than just business growth. It represents a strategic shift positioning South Korea as a formidable force in global AI and cloud computing. Through its bespoke solutions, expansive service range, and commitment to seamless integration, Naver is exporting technology and championing a vision for a more versatile and adaptive global tech ecosystem.

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