Nakamoto listed 44th most powerful person; identity still evasive

The unknown mystery of a person that goes by the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto is now the part of the world’s top hundred financially leading figures. Satoshi Nakamoto ranks higher than most of the personalities like Mark Zuckerberg etc.

A website called Worth has recently declared Satoshi to be the forty-fourth (44th) most impactful personality in Finance. Satoshi Nakamoto is the creator of the leading cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. Meaning he is the creator of the technology that will change the future of the world as we know it.

Bitcoin is a p2p digital payment platform, and it allows the users to trade directly between each other. This means that no third party or payment company will be needed. The system is completely decentralized, and all the records are maintained through a public ledger technology called the blockchain technology. This is what gave birth to the realm we now know as the crypto sphere.

Blockchain technology is what fills the role of what a payment company or a financial company like a bank is supposed to do. The blockchain is preferred for making transaction as compared to banks because it has less transaction fee and is very reliable and quick.

The whole world is slowly adopting this technology seeing how efficient and quick it is to transact in Bitcoin. The pricing and other pros and cons are a completely different topic all together but Bitcoin remains to be the face of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is also a very convenient relief against the fiat currency system. Satoshi Nakamoto provided a hefty yet limited amount of supply capitalization for Bitcoin. This is the main reason why Bitcoin holds so much value in the digital economy. For this same reason, Nakamoto Satoshi is rich as well. He is supposed to have over nine hundred and eighty thousand bitcoins to himself. When converted to fiat this amount is equal to nineteen point four billion dollars ($9.4 billion).