Mysterious Encounter in “Lords of the Fallen”


  • Find Kukajin in “Lords of the Fallen” at Forsaken Fen, use spells or an item to free her, and get rewards like unique gear.
  • Locate Kukajin again at Skyrest Vestige Point, buy items from her, and summon her for boss fights in the game.
  • After helping Kukajin, she leaves behind valuable loot at Skyrest Bridge.

In the dark and treacherous world of “Lords of the Fallen,” players often stumble upon hidden treasures and enigmatic characters. Among these intriguing encounters is Kukajin, the petrified Stone Woman, found in the forsaken Fen. This article provides a concise guide on how to locate, assist, and benefit from this peculiar character.

To embark on this journey, players must teleport to the Forsaken Fen, starting at the Vestige of Vallade. Once there, they should proceed towards a tunnel with shallow water, then follow the path to emerge on a bridge. A leap from this bridge and a glance to the left will reveal a platform adjacent to a fire, obstructed by boxes and miscellaneous wooden objects. Break through this blockade and continue in a straight line.

On this path, observant adventurers will notice a cave concealed by wispy branches. It is within this cave that Kukajin, the petrified Stone Woman, resides.

Approaching Kukajin and initiating dialogue is the first step towards helping her. Engage in conversation, exhaust her dialogue options, and prepare to liberate her from her petrified state. The key to Kukajin’s release lies in an item called the Empyrean Grenade. Using this grenade on her will restore her to her normal form. Alternatively, players can employ radiant spells such as Sanctify or Radiantburst Parchment to achieve the same result.

Acquiring the sanctify spell

To obtain the Sanctify spell, players should venture to the arena where they previously faced Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal. From there, they can locate a doorway to the left, leading to a spiral staircase. Ascending this staircase will lead to a chest containing the Sanctify Spell in “Lords of the Fallen.”

For those seeking Radiantburst Parchment, it can be acquired after defeating The Sacred Resonance of Tenacity. The spell can be found within a gazebo. Additionally, players who possess the Deluxe version of the game and start as the Dark Crusader will already have this spell at their disposal. Once freed, Kukajin will recognize the player’s proficiency in magic and generously reward them with the Pendant of Induration.

Kukajin’s new location and offerings

After her liberation, Kukajin relocates to a different spot in the game. To find her again, players should head to the Skyrest Vestige Point. From there, they should proceed straight ahead, descend the stairs, and turn right. Kukajin can be found sitting in one of the cells on the right side. Engaging in conversation with her will allow players to purchase items from her. Moreover, Kukajin becomes available as a summon during boss fights, offering valuable assistance.

Over time, Kukajin will eventually depart, leaving behind a trove of useful loot at the Skyrest Bridge. The items players can expect to find include: Kukajin’s Sword, Kukajin’s Armor, Kukajin’s Gloves, Kukajin’s Leggings, and Envenomed Shield. These rewards serve as a testament to the fruitful alliance between players and Kukajin, the once-petrified Stone Woman.

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