Crypto’s daily dive: Must-know highlights from the industry


  • Matrixport report on Bitcoin ETFs causes market stir, not intended for public release.
  • Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy begins selling $216 million in shares to invest in Bitcoin.
  • Fidelity and Galaxy/Invesco set fees for their proposed Bitcoin ETFs.
  • Bitcoin’s value fluctuates, surpassing $45,000 amidst ETF approval speculation.

In the ever-turbulent sea of cryptocurrency, each day brings a new wave of developments. From the Matrixport controversy to Michael Saylor’s stock selloff, the crypto world is anything but dull. Adding to the mix, Fidelity and Galaxy have made moves in the Bitcoin ETF arena, while Bitcoin itself took a rollercoaster ride over $45,000. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of these events, shall we?

Matrixport Shakes Up the Bitcoin ETF Scene

The crypto community was recently abuzz with a report from Matrixport, suggesting a dim outlook for the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This report, far from being a public release, turned out to be an internal analysis that unintentionally found its way to the masses. Jihan Wu, Matrixport’s founder, clarified that this release was an unexpected move and not in their control.

Wu also downplayed the impact of this report on Bitcoin’s price volatility. He believes that the current fluctuations and the uncertainty surrounding the Bitcoin ETF approval in January 2024 are just minor blips in the grand scheme of things. But the market seems to have its own opinion, with Bitcoin experiencing a significant drop soon after the report’s leak.

Saylor’s Strategy: Selling to Buy More

In a twist that could only make sense in the crypto world, Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy’s co-founder, has embarked on a four-month journey of selling his shares worth $216 million. This move, detailed in a filing with the SEC, is part of a broader strategy. Saylor is not just looking to address his private financial obligations; he’s also planning to reinvest in Bitcoin.

MicroStrategy’s love affair with Bitcoin is not new. The firm holds the largest Bitcoin portfolio among publicly traded companies, and its recent purchase of an additional 14,620 Bitcoins only cements its bullish stance on the digital currency. With Saylor at the helm, the company’s total Bitcoin holdings now stand at a staggering 189,150 BTC, valued at around $8.5 billion. This strategy of selling to buy more may seem counterintuitive, but in the high-stakes world of crypto, it’s just another day at the office.

Fidelity and Galaxy Set the Stage for Bitcoin ETFs

Amidst the whirlwind of events, Fidelity and Galaxy/Invesco have made their mark by setting their fees for spot Bitcoin ETF trading. Assuming the SEC gives the green light, Fidelity’s Wise Origin Bitcoin Trust will charge an annual fee of 0.39%, while Galaxy and Invesco’s BTCO fund will come in at 0.59%. In a show of confidence, Galaxy and Invesco have even promised to waive these fees for the first six months of the fund’s operation.

While the SEC has been a tough nut to crack, repeatedly turning down spot Bitcoin ETF applications, the tide may be turning. Following Grayscale’s legal victory against the regulator in August, the odds of approval seem to be improving. The crypto community is on tenterhooks as the SEC’s decision window opens on January 4th, with potential approvals (or rejections) shaping the future of Bitcoin ETFs.

Turmoil and Transition: The Crypto Landscape in Flux

The recent market events paint a picture of a crypto landscape in flux. On one hand, there’s optimism and strategic maneuvering, as seen with MicroStrategy and the potential Bitcoin ETF approvals. On the other, there’s uncertainty and volatility, underscored by Matrixport’s inadvertent report leak and the subsequent market reaction.

In this high-stakes game, traditional financial giants like Goldman Sachs are positioning themselves to play significant roles in the upcoming Bitcoin ETFs. Their involvement, along with other industry heavyweights, signals a broader recognition of cryptocurrency’s potential and a shift towards mainstream acceptance.

The crypto world is a dynamic, ever-evolving arena where fortunes can be made or lost in a heartbeat. Each day brings new developments, new strategies, and new players to the table. As the industry continues to mature and intertwine with traditional finance, one thing is certain: the ride is far from over. So, buckle up, because the crypto rollercoaster is only gaining momentum.

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