Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Teases Collaboration with Attack on Titan

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  • Leaked info hints at a Mobile Legends x Attack on Titan collab with three limited-edition hero skins.
  • Fans are excited for Fanny as Mikasa, but Eren and Levi’s hero choices raise questions.
  • Collaboration, if confirmed, is expected in 2024, with a potential in-game event.

In an unexpected turn of events, the gaming community is excitedly buzzing over leaked information about a potential collaboration between Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) and the immensely popular manga and anime series Attack on Titan (AOT). 

While the information is yet to be officially confirmed by Moonton, the MLBB developers, fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of limited-edition AOT-themed skins for their favorite heroes. Here, we provide you with a glimpse of what has been revealed so far and the potential impact of this collaboration.

Limited-Edition Skins for Three Heroes

According to the leaked details, the MLBB x AOT collaboration is expected to introduce three limited-edition skins for selected heroes, each representing iconic characters from Attack on Titan. The heroes and their corresponding AOT characters are as follows:

Fanny as Mikasa Ackerman: Undoubtedly, the hero that has garnered the most attention is Fanny, who will be transformed into the fierce and skilled Mikasa Ackerman. Fanny’s abilities, which involve cables for swift and agile movements, resemble the vertical maneuvering equipment known as Omni-directional gear, commonly used by AOT characters. This synergy between Fanny’s gameplay mechanics and Mikasa’s character traits has sparked enthusiasm among fans.

Yin as Eren Yeager: Yin, a hero with a boyish appearance, is set to don the persona of Eren Yeager. While Eren and Yin may not appear similar at first glance, the choice is not without its merits. Yin has previously received a collaboration skin inspired by Yuji Itadori from the anime hit, Jujutsu Kaisen. His adaptable appearance suggests he may be able to capture the essence of Eren’s character effectively.

Martis as Levi Ackerman: The third hero to receive an AOT-themed skin is Martis, who will embody the stoic and deadly Levi Ackerman. However, Martis’s bulkier physique and combat style differ significantly from Levi’s lean and agile approach. Fans are curious to see how Moonton will reconcile these differences to create a skin that pays homage to the beloved AOT character while remaining faithful to Martis’s established in-game persona.

Fan reactions and expectations

The leaked information has generated a mix of excitement and skepticism among the MLBB community. While the prospect of AOT-themed skins for their favorite heroes has fans eagerly awaiting the collaboration, some have expressed reservations about the choice of heroes for Eren and Levi, given the disparities in their character designs and combat styles. 

Nevertheless, Yin’s previous successful collaboration skin and Fanny’s thematic synergy with Mikasa have reassured many fans that Moonton can deliver a compelling crossover event.

It’s essential to exercise caution when considering these leaked details, as Moonton has not officially confirmed them. While the prospect of an MLBB x AOT collaboration is undoubtedly exciting, it remains speculative until official announcements are made. Fans are encouraged to await official updates from Moonton regarding the potential partnership.

Anticipated release in 2024

If the collaboration proceeds as rumored, players can likely expect to see the MLBB x AOT crossover event in 2024. Alongside the limited-edition AOT-themed skins, the collaboration may also bring forth an accompanying in-game event, further enhancing the gaming experience for both Mobile Legends and Attack on Titan enthusiasts.

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