MIT Spider to enable faster off the chain payments

MIT Spider to enable faster off the chain payments

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is among the top of league tech institutions in the world, and MIT Spider is the latest buzz in the cryptocurrency sphere.

The latest solution – as stated in an MIT CSAIL report on the Spider – answers to the long-standing problem in payment checking networks that can be stalled down due to incompetent routing schemes resulting in a regular top-up of their funds.

What is MIT Spider?

The new crypto routing scheme called “Spider,” according to its developers-that includes Vibhaalakshmi Sivaraman, a graduate from MIT in its essence, simply offers a more efficient Payment Channel Network.

Payment Channel Network permits users to charge accounts with a selected amount of virtual currency and is used on layer two scaling solutions. Remittances are carried out on such accounts, and only the opening and closing of the account is listed on the blockchain.

This results in a mode of payment that is allegedly much faster and scalable as compared to that made on the blockchain.

The MIT Spider is attributed as an efficient one because members can invest as little as a section of funds in their account. MIT spider can also process four times more transactions as compared to other payment checking networks.

The report also mentioned that the scheme functions by dividing transactions in small packets that spread across different channels, dividing helps to route big payments through accounts with low funding levels. Due to this method, congestion is avoided according to its developing team. Vibhaalakshmi mentioned that the MIT Spider was inspired by packet switching, which is an effective way of carrying data over the web.

The scheme also allows payments to be queued in congested accounts rather than being discarded. Leading developer Sivaraman stated that it is imperative to have big-throughput and balanced routing Payment Channel Networks to guarantee the money that is put in a joint account is used efficiently.

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