Mintel Launches Groundbreaking Market Intelligence AI, Mintel Leap


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  • Mintel Leap’s Market Intelligence AI streamlines insights discovery, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness for businesses of all sizes.
  • This closed-loop generative AI platform empowers organizations to make informed decisions faster, driving innovation and refining marketing strategies.
  • Join the Mintel Spotlight community and listen to the Mintel Little Conversation podcast for fresh market perspectives and actionable insights.

Mintel, renowned for its expertise in understanding consumer preferences, has unveiled Mintel Leap, an innovative Market Intelligence AI designed to revolutionize the way businesses conduct research. Mintel Leap, built exclusively on Mintel’s proprietary research and analyst expertise, offers real-time answers to complex strategic questions, providing invaluable insights for businesses seeking to shape their innovation and marketing strategies.

Instant answers to complex questions

Mintel Leap is a closed-loop, generative AI platform that leverages Mintel’s extensive data and expert analysis. It enables businesses to receive concise responses to a wide range of queries, from analyzing shifting consumer demographics in beauty e-commerce to assessing the competitive landscape in financial services. This accessibility and simplicity make it a valuable tool for professionals at all levels, from Junior Strategists to Chief Marketing Officers, freeing up time for more strategic tasks.

Initial feedback from Mintel clients who have adopted Mintel Leap has been overwhelmingly positive. Clients have reported that it has streamlined their insights discovery process, boosting efficiency and effectiveness. One client stated, “Mintel Leap has revolutionized our insights discovery process and significantly boosted the efficiency and effectiveness of our workflow. With Leap, we can quickly and easily pinpoint the critical information.” Another client mentioned, “Mintel Leap will shift bandwidth away from technical work and toward learning and advising decision-makers. We will spend less time writing search queries and more time asking great questions.”

Unprecedented access to knowledge

Matt Nelson, Mintel CEO, emphasized the groundbreaking nature of Mintel Leap, stating, “Mintel Leap is an AI game-changer. By utilizing cutting-edge generative AI, billions of data points and years’ worth of Mintel’s unparalleled analyst expertise can now be discovered and summarized in seconds.” This powerful AI platform is expected to empower clients with the ability to access trusted, data-driven insights quickly and confidently, ultimately improving operational efficiency, product development, and marketing strategies.

Mintel Leap’s closed-loop generative AI platform has far-reaching implications for businesses across various industries. By eliminating information overload and simplifying the process of obtaining valuable insights, Mintel Leap enables organizations to make informed decisions faster than ever before. This newfound efficiency has the potential to drive innovation, enhance product development, and refine marketing strategies.

Join the mintel spotlight community

For fresh perspectives and expert analysis on the markets that matter, individuals and businesses can join the free Mintel Spotlight community. It’s an opportunity to stay updated with the latest industry news and engage in meaningful discussions on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and WeChat (@Mintel英敏特).

For deeper insights into consumer preferences and market trends, the Mintel Little Conversation podcast offers real conversations with actionable insights. It provides valuable information on what consumers want and why, further enhancing Mintel’s commitment to delivering knowledge and understanding to its clients.

Mintel Leap represents a significant leap forward in the field of Market Intelligence AI. By combining cutting-edge generative AI with Mintel’s extensive research and expert analysis, it provides businesses with an invaluable tool to navigate the complex landscape of consumer preferences and market dynamics. With the ability to obtain instant answers to critical questions, Mintel Leap is set to revolutionize decision-making processes, empower organizations to stay ahead of the curve, and drive business success. In a world where speed, quality, and accuracy are paramount, Mintel Leap is poised to become an indispensable resource for companies seeking a competitive edge in their respective markets.

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