Millennials root for crypto in case of recession: survey

Millennials root for crypto in case of recession survey

Looking at a solution to recession Millennials root for crypto; reveals the latest survey that covered the solutions across generations.

A generational investment survey conducted from 18th to 31st July which was based upon responses from a thousand online investors from the U. S. eToro shared with media.

The survey led to the revelation that around two-thirds (2/3) of the investors being afraid of recession and thus their first instinct in such a case would be to convert their stock investments into safer ones such as commodities, crypto-currency, real estate, etc.

Segregated on the basis of their generation, it would be safe to say that the survey consisted of Generation X, the millennials and Generation Z.

Millennials root for crypto

Amongst these investors, forty percent (40%) of the millennials would prefer to invest in crypto assets during cut-throat conditions of recession.

On the contrary, thirty-eight percent (38%) of Generation X preferred commodities whereas fifty percent (50%) of generation Z inclined towards real estate opportunities.

Once the survey results had been published, the managing director of eToro, Guy Hirsch, chimed in regarding the matter by saying that recession led people into investing in various categories other than the stock market.

He said that fractional ownership; being one of the alternative possibilities for investment, was once the forte of the elite but is now available to all investors due to global innovation and the demand backs up his words as well.

Where Millennials root for crypto, overall, investors are willing to sell portions of their stocks in order to invest in fractional ownership in items such as private start-ups, landmarks, artworks, etc. This would also provide the investors with freedom from shackles of the status quo and would give them a sense of control over their own belongings.

Another survey held to gauge the importance of cryptocurrency in the present-day market by Huru India showed that Indian investors are willing to invest in Bitcoin (BTC) as opposed to any other cryptocurrency.

The survey also revealed cryptocurrency being the fourth most preferred investment despite the fact that many of the respondents weren’t even clear about the nature of cryptocurrencies.

Aroosa Nadeem

Aroosa Nadeem

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