Swiss retail giant adapts TE-food’s blockchain solutions for better traceability

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Switzerland’s biggest supermarket chain Migros has launched TE-food’s blockchain solutions for bringing about much-needed safety and transparency in Switzerland’s food industry.

Switzerland’s global gastronomic impact has gone way beyond just chocolates and cheeses. Today, it brings a lot more to the table with sustainable solutions for agriculture and food production.

However, as hard as that is to believe, the industry is struggling to cope with global food demands, which has predominantly become the cause of food contamination in the country. Lab-grown vegetables, synthetic food substances, and inorganic seafood and meat substitutes are triggering risks to public health at an alarming pace.

TE-food’s blockchain solutions prove to be a boon for the food industry

In its bid to become a value-adding partner to its suppliers and stakeholders, Migros, the country’s largest supermarket retailer and employer, has pioneered a project with TE-FOOD to introduce blockchain-empowered solutions for food traceability.

According to the official announcement, the supermarket chain wants to look beyond marketing benefits and add value to the overall supply chain through easier product tracking and recalls. 

With a more in-depth insight into the supply chain processes, the retail giant will gain better control over its production and distribution through optimized operations management systems.

Migros endeavors to fast-track its supply and distribution process and lessen food wastage through recalls. The enterprising move will be extended to its B2B platform for better communication on traceability and product origins.

By integrating TE-food’s distributed ledger technology software, the world’s most-preferred solution for food tracking, Migros aims to revolutionize vegetable and fruit supply chains in the country.

TE-food prior contributions to food traceability have been noteworthy. From its collaboration with French retailer Auchan to improve pig supply tracking to introducing a blockchain-tracked beer, the firm is taking giant strides towards untangling the over-complicated and outdated food industry.

With this move, Migros joins the likes of other retail giants, like Walmart, Carrefour, and Albertsons, in using blockchain-based solutions to transform supply chain processes in the food industry.

Manasee Joshi

Manasee Joshi

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