Microsoft Set to Release Windows ’12’ in June 2024 Alongside AI-Based PCs


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  • Microsoft’s Windows ’12’ release expected in June 2024, coinciding with Computex 2024.
  • AI-based PCs to accompany Windows ’12’, highlighting Microsoft’s focus on AI features.
  • AI hardware likely recommended but not mandatory, providing users the option to enhance their computing experience.

The tech world is abuzz with anticipation as reports from Taiwan’s Commercial Times (CTEE) suggest that Microsoft is gearing up to release Windows ’12’ in June 2024. This release is expected to coincide with the Computex 2024 event and will also introduce a range of AI-based PCs into the market. While there are no direct quotes provided, the information is attributed to recent statements made by key industry figures, including Quanta Chairman Lin Baili and Acer Chairman and CEO Chen Junsheng during the Taiwan Medical Technology Exhibition. In this article, we delve into the details of this exciting development, exploring the implications of Windows ’12’ and the integration of AI hardware.

Windows ’12’: A scheduled arrival

For those keeping an eye on the Windows OS landscape, rumors of Windows ’12’ have been circulating for some time, with a purported release date set for 2024. The CTEE report corroborates these rumors, pointing to a June 2024 release date. This timing aligns closely with Computex 2024, an event that serves as a prominent stage for tech innovations.

Industry insights: Quanta and Acer

Quanta Computer and Acer, two significant players in the world of PC manufacturing, are mentioned in the report. Acer is a well-known PC manufacturer, with a global presence, while Quanta Computer, primarily based in Taiwan, also produces a range of electronic hardware, including notebooks. Their involvement in the recent Taiwan Medical Technology Exhibition suggests a connection to the upcoming Windows ’12’ release, possibly through collaboration or partnerships.

Taiwan’s tech hub

The choice of Taiwan as the source of this report makes perfect sense, given the region’s prominence in tech-related activities. Taiwan is a hotbed for manufacturing and assembly of computer components and PC hardware. This geographical advantage positions Taiwan as an ideal place for insights into the tech industry’s future developments, including operating system releases and hardware innovations.

Intel’s earlier hint

Earlier this year, a senior Intel executive hinted at a “Windows refresh” expected in 2024. While the executive did not explicitly specify whether this referred to Windows ’12’ or a feature update to Windows 11, it adds weight to the notion of a significant Windows release on the horizon,

One intriguing aspect of the report is the mention of AI-based PCs accompanying the Windows ’12’ release. This aligns with Microsoft’s recent emphasis on AI features, exemplified by Copilot. While the report doesn’t provide explicit details, it’s reasonable to assume that dedicated AI-accelerating hardware might be recommended by Microsoft and its hardware partners, including AMD, Intel, and Nvidia.

Microsoft’s embrace of AI

Microsoft’s increased focus on AI is evident through various initiatives. Notably, Microsoft actively participated in AMD’s CES 2023 event, where they endorsed and discussed the advantages of AI-related hardware. This history of collaboration suggests that the recommendation for AI-based hardware alongside Windows ’12’ is not far-fetched.

It’s essential to clarify that while AI-accelerating hardware might be recommended, it is unlikely to become a minimum system requirement for Windows ’12.’ The majority of PCs currently in use lack the specialized hardware required for AI acceleration, such as AMD’s Ryzen AI technology or Intel’s NPU (neural processing unit) / VPU (vision processing unit). Thus, users can expect the option to enhance their experience with AI-driven features without mandatory hardware upgrades.

The anticipation for Windows ’12’ in 2024 is building, with the CTEE report lending credibility to the rumors of its release. The timing aligns with major industry events, and key players like Quanta Computer and Acer are involved, suggesting exciting developments in the PC market. The integration of AI-based hardware alongside the OS release underscores Microsoft’s commitment to advancing AI features. While not obligatory, the recommendation for AI-accelerating hardware offers users the opportunity to harness the power of AI in their computing experience. As we approach June 2024, the tech world eagerly awaits Microsoft’s next chapter in the evolution of its operating system.

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