Microsoft inks partnership with Photonic to push quantum computing


  • Microsoft has entered into a partnership with Photonic to push the development of quantum computing.
  • Strategic partnership for quantum networking.

Quantum computing firm Photonic has recently emerged from stealth mode, successfully raising $100 million for its innovative all-silicon quantum computing platform. Notably, Microsoft is among the investors, forming a strategic partnership with Photonic to co-develop quantum networking solutions. Photonic’s unique approach to quantum computing is gaining recognition within the industry, with experts hailing it as a “breakthrough” for the field.

Microsoft to push quantum computing with Photonic

The company’s method involves constructing quantum computers using silicon spin qubits that incorporate a spin-photon interface. In simpler terms, Photonic’s quantum computers utilize qubits made of light to execute quantum computations on silicon hardware. In the realm of quantum computing, a qubit is analogous to the bits in a binary computer. However, the crucial distinction lies in the capabilities of a qubit, which can leverage the exotic features of quantum physics, namely “superposition” and “entanglement.”

Unlike classical computers that perform calculations using only ones and zeros, qubits can be computed in ways that include ones, zeros, both, neither, and various other complex combinations. Taking a step beyond traditional qubits, Photonic introduces the concept of a spin qubit, incorporating electron spin into the quantum computing model. By developing a qubit with a photonic spin interface within an all-silicon hardware solution, Photonic believes it has addressed a critical aspect in advancing quantum computing capabilities.

Stephanie Simmons, the founder and chief quantum officer of Photonic, envisions bringing a fault-tolerant, fully functional quantum networking system to the market within the next five years. The partnership with Microsoft is anticipated to play a pivotal role in achieving this timeline. Simmons expresses excitement about collaborating with Microsoft, emphasizing the company’s extensive global infrastructure, proven platforms, and the scalability of the Azure cloud as key elements that make it an ideal partner to unlock the transformative potential of quantum computing.

Strategic partnership for quantum networking

The infusion of $100 million in funding reflects the industry’s confidence in Photonic’s quantum computing endeavors. As quantum computing continues to evolve, strategic partnerships like the one forged with Microsoft underscore the collaborative efforts necessary to push the boundaries of innovation. Photonic’s focus on an all-silicon quantum computing platform aligns with the broader trend of exploring new materials and architectures to enhance the efficiency and reliability of quantum systems.

The integration of silicon spin qubits represents a notable stride, potentially addressing challenges in the development of practical and scalable quantum computing solutions. The collaboration between Photonic and Microsoft is poised to contribute significantly to the advancement of quantum capabilities. Microsoft’s established presence, global infrastructure, and expertise in cloud services, particularly through Azure, position the partnership to foster innovation and drive progress in the quantum computing ecosystem.

As quantum computing technologies inch closer to real-world applications, partnerships between established tech giants and innovative startups become increasingly crucial. The collaboration between Photonic and Microsoft exemplifies a concerted effort to harness quantum computing’s potential, ultimately paving the way for transformative advancements across various industries.

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