Microsoft and æternity help blockchain startups in Malta

Microsoft and æternity help blockchain startups in Malta

The Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) has partnered up with æternity and its AE Venture investment subsidiary, to start helping blockchain startups in Malta. 

The main goal of this partnership will be to popularize blockchain technology in the country. To do that, Microsoft and æternity will organize and host a series of educational events and seminars, in order to help the development of the blockchain sector in Malta.

Blockchain startups in Malta

Malta is becoming a cryptocurrency hub in Europe, with many blockchain-based enterprises setting up shop there. Not only that, but educational opportunities in the country are growing rapidly, with the organization of numerous summits and seminars. 

Mary Downing from MIC explained that this partnership with æternity would “demystify all the doubts there could still be” around blockchain technology. 

In essence, this joint project will aim to educate interested parties in the benefits and opportunities blockchain technology has to offer.

The first event on the program will be a training course for blockchain startups in Malta. These training sessions and seminars will be spread over the course of a week. The purpose of this training week will be to serve as a blockchain accelerator for about fifteen blockchain startups. 

Once this stage is completed, ten of the startups will be selected for an exclusive secondary-stage course. This course will span over five weeks at the end of which the top-performing companies will receive an investment proposal in the range of about USD 100,000.

The partnership between MIC and æternity is a fantastic opportunity for development for blockchain startups in Malta, and it will hopefully produce some innovative projects when completed. 

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Tina Yordanova

Written by Tina Yordanova

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