Michael Saylor battles against AI-generated deepfake videos promoting Bitcoin scams


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  • Michael Saylor battles 80 daily AI-made fake Bitcoin scam videos and warns Twitter followers about YouTube’s deepfake issue.
  • Deepfake videos of Saylor and other notable figures pose a growing threat, tricking viewers into cryptocurrency fraud.
  • Stopping deepfake content needs tech collaboration and public awareness to fight online deception.

Michael Saylor, the Executive Chairman of MicroStrategy, has revealed that his team is actively combating the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI)-generated fake videos of him, many of which are designed to promote Bitcoin-related scams. 

Saylor disclosed that they are tirelessly working to remove approximately 80 deepfake videos daily, often luring unsuspecting individuals into fraudulent schemes.

In a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), Michael Saylor, who boasts a substantial following of 3.2 million users, raised an alarm about the alarming prevalence of deepfake videos on YouTube. He cautioned his followers, stating that these “scammers keep launching more” of these deceptive videos. 

Saylor emphasized that there is no legitimate way to double one’s Bitcoin holdings, and MicroStrategy does not engage in any activities involving giveaways of BTC through scanning QR codes.

The warning comes after a surge in reports from X users who encountered AI-generated videos falsely portraying Saylor promising to double people’s Bitcoin investments. These videos prompt viewers to scan QR codes, ultimately leading to the transfer of BTC to the scammer’s address. 

This alarming trend echoes a similar situation in 2022, where numerous fake videos featuring Elon Musk circulated on the video-sharing platform, targeting cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

An ongoing battle against deepfakes

The threat of deepfake videos is not exclusive to Michael Saylor. In early January, a deepfake video featuring Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of the Solana blockchain platform, began circulating on YouTube and various social media channels. 

Austin Federa, Head of Strategy at the Solana Foundation, commented on the surge in deepfakes, noting that there has been a significant uptick in AI-generated content of this nature in recent times.

Michael Saylor’s struggle against AI-generated deepfake videos highlights a growing concern in the digital landscape. These convincing but fraudulent videos pose a significant risk to individuals who might fall victim to cryptocurrency scams. While Saylor and his team work tirelessly to remove these videos, the issue goes beyond one individual’s efforts.

The complex nature of deepfake detection

Detecting and combating deepfake videos is challenging due to the advanced technology behind their creation. Deepfake algorithms employ sophisticated AI techniques to manipulate audio and video content, making it exceedingly difficult to distinguish between real and fake footage. 

Traditional methods of content moderation often struggle to keep pace with the rapid evolution of deepfake technology.

Addressing the deepfake epidemic necessitates collaborative efforts between tech companies, social media platforms, and the broader online community. Developing robust AI tools specifically designed for deepfake detection is essential to promptly identify and remove fraudulent content.

In addition to technological solutions, raising awareness among the public about the existence of deepfake videos and their potential dangers is crucial. Users should exercise caution when encountering extraordinary claims or requests for cryptocurrency transfers, especially when prompted by unfamiliar sources.

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