Bitcoin: Mexican Billionaire advice investors to buy BTC


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• The Mexican millionaire advises his Twitter subscribers to buy BTC.
• Bitcoin trades today at $50,275.40.

Recently Ricardo Salinas, a Mexican magnate considered the most powerful for Central America, said that the fiat currency is a sham. He recommended to his followers they trade with Bitcoin. Salinas, who stands out for having more than 1K subscribers on the social network Twitter, clarifies that he is attracted to the decentralized market, calling it an investment option.

A little less than a week before the end of 2021, Ricardo Salinas bets on trading with cryptos. Bitcoin trades today at $50,275.40.

Ricardo Salinas bets on cryptocurrencies


Ricardo Salinas, recognized for creating and leading Grupo Salinas in Mexico, has been one of many active participants in the crypto scheme. The country’s most valued millionaire in Central America bets on cryptocurrencies after a year of advances in technology, adoptions, and regulations. However, Salinas does not support all virtual tokens; he bets on Bitcoin.

From his profile on Twitter, Salinas believes that people should move away from fiat currency such as the euro, dollar, peso, or Chinese yen. The tycoon believes these centralized currencies are fake and that the entities produce nonsense paper money. Salinas focuses his views on the latest movements in the United States, increasing the dollars production since Covid-19 began. Salinas ignores fiat currency and focuses on a virtual market based on cryptocurrencies such as BTC.

Recommendations of the Mexican tycoon on trading with Bitcoin

The millionaire Ricardo Salinas, who could be the Mexican Elon Musk due to his speculations with cryptocurrencies, gives a couple of recommendations on trading with Bitcoin. Salinas announces to his followers to buy cryptos to avoid inflation of central money, such as the Mexican peso or even the US dollar. These claims follow announcements where several countries have lost capital to the pandemic.

Salinas could also advise crypto enthusiasts to research BTC and own it. By June 2021, Salinas thought Bitcoin was like digital gold and worth investing in. At the beginning of December, the millionaire used cryptos with priority, even accepting them as a source of payment in Elektra, a financial company.

This new support from Salinas causes BTC to rise by 5.64 percent during the last week. The leading cryptocurrency trades at $50,343, according to CoinMarketCap, showing that its bearish streak has given way due to the latest adoptions. Perhaps BTC will not be valued above $100,000 before the end of the year, but it is a fact that it has made great strides during the year.

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