MetalCore Closed Beta 3 introduces NFTs and integrates Web3

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  • Studio369 announced that MetaCore’s Closed Beta 3.0 will launch on June 27th; the new phase will introduce new features to the online game.
  • The company also partnered with Immutable to implement the new CB3 middleware and mitigate the implications of the Web3 transition on game design.
  • The company plans to launch its Ethereum token alongside the CB3 launch.

Studio369, the developer behind the PvP mech shooter MetalCore, announced its third Closed Beta(CB3) would launch on June 27th for its massive multiplayer online game (MMO). The new beta phase will introduce features integrating NFTs and Web3 technology into the game mechanics.

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The long-awaited Closed Beta 3.0 promised new gameplay modes and economic features for players to explore. The fresh features are aimed at boosting player engagement following the success of Closed Beta 2.5. The beta phase will also introduce Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Web3 technology into its expansive war-torn universe.

MetalCore Closed Beta 3 integrates NFT and Web3 features

Studio369 announced its third Closed Beta (CB3) would launch on June 27th for its massive multiplayer online game(MMO). The new beta phase will feature session-based PvP esports like Capture the Flag, High-Value Target modes, and Domination. The developer also clarified that CB3 will integrate SHARDS, a new off-chain currency, and NFTs to attract Web2 and Web3 players.

Studio369 also announced that on June 28th, it will conduct the token generation event for the MCG token across Ethereum’s mainnet and Immutable zkEVM, the L2 scaling network Metalcore is built on.

“We are excited to push the boundaries of blockchain gaming with these new features in MetalCore,our goal is to create a compelling and fun gameplay experience that is improved upon with a robust in-game economy.”

– Matt Candler

Dan Nikolaides, while speaking on the transition from Web2 to Web3, stated that they aimed at creating a game that players could access without needing a wallet. He said that by doing so, they would entice both Web2 and Web3 users.

Closed Beta 3 integrates Web 3 for Web2 users

Closed Beta 2.5 attracted over 120,000 gamers and 50,000 users, averaging 10 hours of playtime each. Returning players can access the new phase, CB3, through the Epic Games Store Key, while new players can access the key by purchasing one of the five levels of the Founders pack.

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The Founder’s pack includes in-game assets like weapons, infantry, shards, and mechs. A MetalCore representative mentioned that the in-game assets will be NFTs; however, they will not tokenize the Epic Game Store access key.

CB3 will also introduce SHARDS, an off-chain currency that allows users to buy digital collectibles using fiat currencies.

“We’re trying to strike the right balance between those who are passionate about playing a lot and those who want to spend money to get ahead.

-Dan Nikolaides

Nikolaides stated that introducing tokens would enable players to possess in-game items that can be easily traded, creating a player-driven economy.

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