Metal Pay acquires to increase Proton (XPR) capabilities

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Digital money transfer platform Metal Pay has announced the successful acquisition of multifunctional EOSIO platform, in a bid to enhance the capabilities of its Proton (XPR).

According to the announcement the new acquisition which amount was withheld will enable Metal Pay to expand the capabilities of its proprietary blockchain and cryptocurrency known as Proton (XPR).

Recently launched the Proton is a public blockchain and smart contract platform designed for clients apps and peer-peer payments. Metal Pay new acquisition will attempt to integrate Proton into the platform as a chain and wallet option.

In addition Metal Pay is also expected to profit from real token holders. Notably, at the time of acquisition the EOSIO platform has more than 10,000 daily active users.

Initially, unveiled as a simple block explorer for EOS (EOS), developed into a multi-purpose EOSIO platform that supports various networks such as WAX, Telos, Proton amongst several others.

Metal Pay to collaborate with’s Syed Jafri

According to the announcement the blockchain-based payment platform is also earnestly looking to collaborate with developers led by former Ethereum developer Syed Jafri.

Syed Jafri is the founder of EOS Cafe Block a major block producer. Notably, platform in which Proton is to be integrated was also created by Jafri.

Jafri in a statement noted he was looking forward to working with Metal Pay, stating the vision of Proton and Metal is compelling. Additionally noting that it is the future for payments.

Marshall Hayner, CEO of Metal Pay, while addressing the new acquisition noted Jafri and his entire team are world-class developers who he believes would create a consumer-friendly crypto payments platform. Adding that the company has the “escape velocity” to bring easy to use crypto to the mainstream.

It worth noting that is Metal’s second acquisition in 2020 as the company recently acquired blockchain and cryptocurrency project Lynx in a move to get more resources towards the creation of Proton.

Metal Pay partners TRON over instant TRX purchase

It is important to note that Metal Pay has been entering different partnership recently to enable the development of digital currency adoption. Recently it partnered with TRON, to make the TRX token available to users of the instant money service.

The partnership means TRX will be accessible to US citizens, who now have a way to purchase TRX instantly when paying with Visa.

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