Meta Introduces Generative AI Images to Instagram Stories, Boosting User Creativity


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  • Meta launches AI tool for Instagram Stories, letting users create unique backdrops with prompts like ‘Surrounded by puppies.’
  • ‘Try It’ sticker encourages followers to join the creative wave, as Meta aims to keep pace with industry leaders in AI innovation.
  • In addition, Meta introduces Gen AI Personas, AI chatbots taking the form of celebrities, enhancing the conversational experience for younger users.

Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has announced its latest foray into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) by introducing generative AI images to enhance Instagram Stories. This move, led by Ahmad Al-Dahle, Meta’s Vice President of Generative AI, underscores the company’s ongoing commitment to integrating advanced AI tools into its social media platforms.

AI-enhanced instagram stories unveiled

In a recent announcement on Threads, Meta’s communication platform, Al-Dahle revealed the rollout of a new AI tool designed to transform the Instagram Stories experience for users. The feature, currently available in the United States, empowers users to leverage generative AI to create captivating backdrops for their stories.

The AI tool seamlessly integrates into the existing Stories camera interface, providing users with a convenient way to access generative backdrops. By simply swiping right on the home page, users can find a new icon alongside the ‘add text’ button. Tapping this icon allows users to enter prompts such as ‘Surrounded by puppies’ or ‘On the edge of an erupting volcano,’ generating unique and visually engaging backdrops for their Stories.

‘Try It’ sticker facilitates user adoption

To encourage widespread adoption, Meta has implemented a ‘Try it’ sticker feature that appears on the Story once a user shares their AI creations. This sticker serves as an invitation for followers to explore and utilize the generative AI tool for the first time, fostering a sense of community engagement and creativity.

This move comes as part of Meta’s broader strategy to infuse AI capabilities across its social media platforms, positioning itself competitively against tech giants like Google. The company has been relentless in its pursuit of AI-driven advancements, seeking to provide users with cutting-edge tools and features.

Gen AI personas: Meta’s answer to ChatGPT

In a parallel development, Meta unveiled Gen AI Personas, its response to the rising trend of conversational AI. These AI chatbots, currently in beta testing in the United States across Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, take the form of celebrity personas. Aimed particularly at younger users, these personas include familiar names such as Kendall Jenner, Paris Hilton, and even a bot inspired by Bender from Futurama.

The introduction of generative backdrops in Instagram Stories follows Meta Connect 2023, where the company showcased various AI-related initiatives. In September, Meta unveiled new image editing and generating tools for Instagram, setting the stage for a series of innovative features designed to enhance user creativity.

Looking ahead: Meta’s commitment to AI evolution

As Meta continues to push the boundaries of AI innovation, users can expect further advancements and features designed to enrich their social media experiences. The company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of AI technology is evident in its ongoing efforts to introduce tools that captivate and engage users across its diverse platforms.

Meta’s latest venture into generative AI images for Instagram Stories reflects its commitment to providing users with innovative and immersive content creation tools. The integration of AI-driven features not only enhances user experiences but also solidifies Meta’s position as a frontrunner in the ever-evolving landscape of social media technology.

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