Can Meta’s AI Chatbots with Distinct Personas Save Threads From Dipping Further?


  • Meta is developing AI chatbots with distinct personalities, including one that emulates Abraham Lincoln. 
  • Meta’s aggressive focus on AI underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and user engagement. 
  • Introducing unique AI chatbots may pave the way for safer and more engaging user experiences on Meta’s platforms.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is developing artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbots, each with distinct personas. Among these AI chatbots is one that emulates the personality of Abraham Lincoln. The company is considering launching the Lincoln chatbot and a surfer chatbot designed to offer travel recommendations as early as September. This move is part of Meta’s aggressive focus on AI, following its recent decision to make the code behind its AI language model Llama 2 available for free, emphasizing the importance of open-source AI for safety and security.

The California-based social media company is reportedly struggling to keep users of Threads, so this concept better not be crushed with lawsuits. Using someone’s persona without written permission is a copyright infringement and an invasion of privacy, right? 

Meta’s foray into AI-powered chatbots

Meta is venturing into the realm of AI-powered chatbots, aiming to imbue them with unique personalities. This groundbreaking initiative includes a chatbot designed to emulate the persona of Abraham Lincoln, the iconic historical figure. Additionally, another chatbot tailored for surfers will offer travel recommendations. Introducing these distinct personas is expected to revolutionize user interactions and create engaging experiences.

The importance of AI for tech giants

In line with industry rivals like Apple and Microsoft, Meta is significantly emphasizing AI development. The company’s recent decision to open-source its AI language model Llama 2 underlines its commitment to promoting safety and security within the AI community. By sharing the code freely, Meta hopes to foster collaboration and innovation in AI research and development.

Challenges faced by Threads, Meta’s Twitter Competitor 

As Meta ventures into the AI space, it is concurrently grappling with user retention issues for its new Twitter competitor, Threads. Despite witnessing record signups upon its launch last month, the platform has experienced a decline in user numbers, with over half of its users leaving. Meta will need to address these challenges and innovate further to ensure the success of its new platform in the competitive social media landscape.

Meta’s response and advertising revenue

Meta did not immediately respond to the report on its AI chatbot plans. However, the company reported a healthy increase in advertising revenue recently, marking a positive shift after a challenging year that saw a reduction in its workforce by more than 21,000 employees. Developing unique AI chatbots may catalyze further growth and engagement within the Meta ecosystem.

Innovations in AI chatbot personalities

While Meta makes strides in developing AI chatbots, the tech industry has witnessed other notable examples. Character.AI, a start-up backed by Andreessen Horowitz, has launched language models that mimic prominent figures such as Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk and Nintendo character Mario. These chatbots with distinct personalities reshape user experiences and engagement across various platforms.

Meta’s development of AI chatbots with distinct personalities, including the Abraham Lincoln chatbot and a surfer chatbot, promises to redefine user interactions on its platforms. Meta aims to create safer and more engaging AI experiences by focusing on AI development and embracing open-source practices. While the company faces challenges with its Threads platform, introducing innovative AI chatbots may lead to renewed growth and increased user engagement. As Meta continues to innovate and experiment with AI, users can look forward to exciting and unique interactions in the near future.

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