Meta and IBM Join Forces to Create AI Alliance


  • Meta and IBM unite with 40+ companies to form AI Alliance, prioritizing open source AI and safety.
  • AI Alliance includes tech giants like Oracle and startups like Stability AI, fostering diversity.
  • Governance and oversight are on the horizon for responsible AI development within the alliance.

Meta Platforms Inc. and International Business Machines Corp. have partnered with over 40 other companies and organizations to establish an industry coalition known as the AI Alliance. This coalition is dedicated to advancing open-source artificial intelligence (AI) technology, with the primary goal of sharing knowledge and reducing risks associated with AI development.

Focusing on responsible AI development

The AI Alliance is committed to the responsible development of AI technology, emphasizing the creation of safety and security tools. This collaborative effort aims to increase the availability of open-source AI models, in contrast to proprietary systems often favored by certain companies. Additionally, the alliance will actively develop new hardware and forge partnerships with academic researchers.

Meta has been at the forefront of this movement by releasing open-source versions of its substantial language models, which serve as the foundation for AI chatbots. Nick Clegg, Meta’s President of Global Affairs, believed that open development is the preferred approach, enabling broader access to AI benefits and facilitating innovation while focusing on safety.

Diverse participants in the AI alliance

The AI Alliance boasts diverse participants, including tech giants like Oracle Corp., Advanced Micro Devices Inc., and Intel Corp. Moreover, Stability AI is among the contributors, representing the emerging field of AI startups. The alliance is not limited to industry players; academic and research institutions such as the University of Notre Dame and the Mass Open Cloud Alliance are also part of this collaborative effort.

Establishing governance and oversight

The AI Alliance plans to establish a governing board and a technical oversight committee to steer its activities and ensure responsible AI development. These structures will be vital in setting standards and guidelines for AI projects within the alliance.

This initiative comes in the wake of increasing scrutiny and debate surrounding the transparency of AI development, as seen in recent events at OpenAI. The organization, known for creating the ChatGPT model, faced controversy with its CEO’s firing and subsequent rehiring. This incident has contributed to a global discussion on how companies should approach the development of powerful AI technology.

The formation of the AI Alliance, with Meta and IBM at its helm, marks a significant step towards open, responsible, and collaborative AI development. By bringing together a diverse range of participants and emphasizing transparency, safety, and open-source AI models, this initiative aims to pave the way for the future of AI technology.

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