Meme Coin Alert: GameStop Jumps 470%, PlayDoge Presale Nears $3M, and $DOG Crashes 7%

The meme coin market is hot.

Interestingly, new meme coins like GameStop, PlayDoge, and $DOG are behind the buying frenzy. While GameStop jumped 470% to touch a $149M market cap, $DOG lost 7%, hinting at a steeper crash.

Meanwhile, Tamagotchi-style PlayDoge ($PLAY) is hosting a hot presale that is on its way to the $3M milestone. $PLAY is widely predicted to be the next big meme coin of 2024. 

GameStop Gains, $DOG Crashes

The two hottest meme coins of this season are GameStop (GME) and $DOG (Runes)

While GameStop is a parody of the video gaming giant of the same name, $DOG is a decentralized, community-led meme coin on the Bitcoin blockchain.

GameStop (GME) price action, source: CoinMarketCap

GameStop initially capitalized on the strong price action of its traditional, original version to pump high in the meme coin market. For a better perspective, $GME tokens have surged close to 3000% on the monthly chart. 

As the chart shows, GameStop is on a downward trajectory, despite the momentary upticks. It remains to be seen whether the token will reverse the trend to set a new all-time high. 

With nothing except speculation and FOMO driving its price, it’s unlikely that GameStop will endure growing market competition. 

A good example is Dog (Runes). The token has pumped to $817M in a short time since its launch on April 24th, 2024.

Dog (Runes) price action, source: CoinMarketCap

$DOG made its entry to the market as part of a volunteer-run airdrop to the Bitcoin Ordinals community. The $DOG tokenomics has no team allocation, which helped it draw massive traffic since the token launch.

The project is on a modest yet monumental mission to welcome millions of people to Bitcoin. Can $DOG support the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin? It’s too early to tell. But the token’s rapid surge to $800M has been drawing significant traffic to the meme coin market.

PlayDoge ($PLAY) Presale Goes Viral – The Tamagotchi Craze is Back 

The meme coin market is proving to be highly lucrative for new players. GameStop, $DOG, and Ben the Moon are fueling the trend. 

But these meme coins have already saturated, with their market caps in the millions. 

All eyes are on PlayDoge ($PLAY) now. $PLAY is the native meme coin of the play-to-earn platform PlayDoge. As the name gives it away, PlayDoge is a unique blend of play-to-earn and meme coin trends. 

On the play-to-earn front, the project adopts the Tamagotchi-style. The meme coin market has responded wildly to the revival of the 90s’ craze, with the $PLAY presale about to cross the $3M milestone. 

In PlayDoge’s 2D play-to-earn mini-games, players should feed, train, and play with their virtual pets to collect points and climb the leaderboards.

The rewards are paid in $PLAY, which unlocks a variety of perks in the 8-bit universe that PlayDoge will soon unveil. Gamers who consistently keep their pets happy and healthy will earn higher rewards. 

Not into Gaming? Unlock Passive Income with $PLAY

Play-to-earn games are an excellent option for extra income. They’re fun and engaging. But let’s face it. They’re not for everyone. 

To begin with, they take up time. Not all of us want to spend our time taking care of a virtual pet. Another problem is expertise. You can’t make a substantial income from play-to-earn games unless you’re good at it. That again takes time. 

But anyone can tap into the large growth potential of PlayDoge, even if they’re not good gamers. This is made possible through staking.

Gaming is an excellent source of income that requires active participation. Staking, on the other hand, is a source of passive income where investors lock their $PLAY tokens in exchange for attractive rewards.

$PLAY staking is live from the presale stage, with the APY currently touching 107%. 

Limited Time to Grab $PLAY for Discounts

Judging by the presale momentum, PlayDoge is headed toward an early sell-out.

Amid the sea of overused Doge and Pepe meme coins vying to grab attention, $PLAY stands out. It doesn’t leave its success to chance. Instead, the play-to-earn platform offers much more than just the Doge label and speculative momentum.

For starters, it blends the viral Doge meme with the nostalgic virtual pet craze of the ’90s. The Tamagotchi-style has already gone viral, with the PlayDoge community rapidly expanding on social media. 

The success also has to do with the example set by Floki Inu. Backed by the Valhalla play-to-earn coin, Floki Inu made its mark as one of the most successful meme coins in the crypto market. The play-to-earn utility has contributed to its impressive market cap exceeding $2.6 billion.

The PlayDoge smart contract is audited by SolidProof, enhancing trust and reliability. The tasteful blend of gaming and nostalgia positions $PLAY as one of the top meme coins to watch now. 

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