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“For over a decade, the main problem in the healthcare industry is the issue of interoperability. The ability to access health information securely and remotely among multiple providers has always been a challenge.” Chrissa McFarlane, Founder and CEO of Patientory to Outreach Initiative

The objective of Patientory is to provide a lasting solution to the age-old challenges of healthcare management systems. It solves the difficulties in interoperability and care coordination. It also eliminates the problem of siloed data among population health management systems.

Introducing Patientory 

Patientory is a population health data management and analytics company based in Atlanta, Georgia. It provides a distributed, secure, and private blockchain infrastructure for healthcare stakeholders using a native mobile app that helps individuals improve their healthcare outcomes. It also caters to health organizations via the enterprise software tool, NEITH.  

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Patientory provides reporting, tracking, and rapid diagnostic kits. It supported Moderna with patient recruitment for the phase three study of its Covid-19 vaccine trials. Patientory has already participated in more than ten clinical trials to date. Patientory received the Innovation Grant as part of the Women Startup Challenge Grants Program for the Covid-19 tech solution.  

Patientory Products and Tools 

With its blockchain-based products and tools, Patientory enables global healthcare organizations to improve emerging technologies in the healthcare industry. The company encourages the Health IT industry to improve the electronic management of medical data records.

NEITH is one of Patientory’s products. It is an enterprise solution that targets every healthcare provider. Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, blood banks, imaging and radiology centers, nursing homes, mental health, and addiction centers are all welcomed to use NEITH and become part of the PTOYMatrix network blockchain. 

NEITH also helps provide wholesome health care services to patients. Healthcare providers utilize data management and analytics features to provide optimal care plans to every patient. It transforms health care from simple symptom management to a wellbeing optimization system. 

The Patientory mobile dApp is a vital tool for individuals. It interacts with NEITH via the PTOYMatrix network blockchain. Currently, the PTOYMatrix network blockchain has more than 10,000 healthcare organizations operating within its framework.

Patientory Patients’ Well-Being 

Patientory is among the emerging blockchain companies that focus on the full security and immutability of medical records. The platform adopts advanced technologies like machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence. It empowers healthcare providers to produce high-quality medical services. The global market cap of the blockchain healthcare market is expected to rise to USD 1.7 billion by 2026, as per an Acumen Research & Consulting report. 


Patientory CEO Chrissa MacFarlane commits to contributing and providing the best solutions for healthcare stakeholders. Patientory focuses on patient-centered protocols that give advanced secured medical support to health care service consumers. Patientory’s concern for health and enabling healthcare is a highly creative idea for all healthcare professionals.

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