Medical History and the Current State of Healthcare

FI Medical History and the Current Health State of Patients

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Medical, surgical, and treatment history is invaluable to dispense healthcare services properly anywhere in the world. Any physician has to view the medical history of their patients. It gives an overview of the patient’s health status and helps the physician in diagnosis. 

In addition, the physician will prescribe suitable medication based on the patient’s treatment history and allergies. In some cases, the physician may have to conduct further exams before reaching a diagnosis. 

A quick medical record survey will reveal a patient’s admission history, allergies, medication, or other relevant medical events. This information is essential for diagnosis.    

Difficulties in Gathering and Accessing Medical History

The absence of medical history negatively impacts patient convalescence more frequently than any factor. Inconsistency in a patient’s record causes higher costs and treatment time per patient. The patient also faces other annoying challenges when the medical record is incomplete. Imagine recounting a life-changing experience to every medical professional you see, which is the situation in many places worldwide right now. It explains why health care is better in areas with proper documentation is better than in places without. However, there is room for improvement. 

The methods of collecting and saving medical data are prone to errors and inaccuracies. Stored data is also susceptible to getting lost or misplaced. These risks are due to the low-security levels in EHR systems and medical computer networks.  

Using Patientory to Record and Maintain Medical History 

Blockchain and distributed database networks ensure the integrity of medical records. In the Patientory ecosystem, the individual is the sole owner and authorized entity controlling their medical data. 

Individuals can view their health status, set goals and receive personalized care plans through the Patientory decentralized mobile app. The individual sits at the core of the healthcare ecosystem. Every health stakeholder works directly with the patient, who has a major role in the decision-making process. 

The security and immutability features of blockchain technology protects EHR systems and medical computers networks. For example, when an IoMT device sends and receives large volumes of data, the blockchain security shields the information from external parties. Healthcare data is constantly monitored and gathered from medical devices and even mobile phone sensors. Blockchain ensures the security and accuracy of the collected data as well.     

Patientory Blockchain

Patientory blockchain or the PTOYMatrix network blockchain ensures end-to-end encryption when transferring healthcare data. The network consists of HIPAA-compliant storage servers, patients, hospitals, and insurers. Healthcare providers access the network and interact with patients through NEITH, an enterprise software tool. PTOY is the utility cryptocurrency of the PTOYMatrix network blockchain. It facilitates healthcare information exchange and data storage. 


Maintaining medical records and treatment history is serious business. Implementing blockchain technology reduces the chances of misdiagnosis, saves lives, and keeps money inside wallets. It also engages patients in their medical treatment and recovery plan. Blockchain technology is forming the foundation for the next generation of healthcare systems. The sooner medical systems adopt blockchain, the faster medicine enjoys the rapid advancement it needs to ensure increased longevity and optimal health.

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