McAfee decentralized exchange beta version live soon

McAfee decentralized exchange beta version live soon

United States (U.S.) security software entrepreneur and crypto-enthusiast, in his next move, announces John McAfee decentralized exchange, the beta version soon to be live is built on Ethereum blockchain platform.

He announced this on Ethereum’s certified website and on his Twitter account, saying that the beta version of McAfee distributed exchange (DEX) was launched on 7th October 2019, Monday. It is being run via portals, which means that the website has mirrored copies that are being run on different hosts and are administered by various entities.

McAfee decentralized exchange the first look

Per his twitter post, the new initiative of McAfee decentralized exchange does not include a listing fee; either does it require any personal information. It takes about one quarter of a percent (0.25%) of the taker’s fee but no kind of charger for the makers. The initiative claims to be dealing with all internet-based tokens such as EOS, Neo, etc.

He also embedded his video in the tweet in which he said that DEX charges three hundred and ninety-five dollars ($395) to send a software package from which the portal managers extract a fee worth less than a tenth of a percent (0.05%) for each transaction.

In a tweet on 5th October 2019, McAfee also claimed how decentralized exchanges were a weak point for the crypto-industry but that its usage was too vital to be shut down by anyone. He explained decentralized and distributed exchange by saying that it isn’t anyone’s property, but it has such a wide usage that it’s unfeasible to try and stop it.

He lured users into playing with the DEX beta version being released today, aka 7th October 2019, to experience the freedom from the shackles of government and their fiat currencies.

Initially, the platform will deal with Ethereum-based tokens, but McAfee affirms to add more to the system gradually.

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