McAfee’s $1M BTC price prediction absurdist humor

M BTC price prediction

Popular Antivirus developer who is also a crypto adherent, John McAfee has swallowed his word and backed down on his former BTC price prediction. The developer said his $1M BTC price prediction he posited in 2018 to come to effect by this year’s end was not to be believed by anybody.

$1M BTC price prediction could have been a joke

Possibly, McAfee could have been joking while making his $1M BTC price prediction as he said and remained adamant for a long time that he would eat his cock on national TV if BTC doesn’t rise that much.

McAfee took to Twitter to make this announcement tweeting that “What idiot could believe such nonsense?” referring to his $1M BTC price prediction.  He tweeted that who on earth would believe that “Bitcoin, the most crippled crypto-tech,” would rise to the high price of $1 million?

He said that if the crypto would ever hit the $1M mark, its market cap would be higher than the GDP of the entire North American Continent.

It all started on the 5th of January. The developer turned back on his claim and said it was only a trick to draw new users. He said Bitcoin first as the technology was old and everybody knows it.

McAfee lost interest in BTC at a point

After believing he was right about his prediction, at some point, the antivirus mogul lost interest in the coin and called it worthless. He even mentioned other crypto coins he believes were going to perform better than Bitcoin.

However, while making a point that BTC price would hit $1M, he posited that the entire digital money market would enjoy unpreceded bull-run translating into the seven digits. The antivirus developer price prediction at this point is likely to be termed false, but at every point, McAfee always entertains his followers.

He once said the ravaging coronavirus could not attack blacks on Twitter. The social media giant had to pull down the tweet to be safe from misinformation.


Muhaimin Olowoporoku

Muhaimin Olowoporoku

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