Mauga’s Overwatch 2 Buffs Spark Meta Concerns


  • Mauga’s Overwatch 2 buffs worry players about meta impact.
  • Increased survivability made Mauga powerful, upsetting balance.
  • Blizzard may need to tweak Mauga again for meta balance.

In a surprising turn of events, Overwatch 2’s Competitive queue witnessed the introduction of Mauga, the Samoan warrior, and a substantial overhaul of his abilities in the Winter Wonderland update on December 19. 

While the arrival of Mauga in the competitive scene was eagerly anticipated, some players are expressing concerns that the buffs might have pushed his power level to new heights, potentially disrupting the current meta.

Mauga’s “outstanding” buffs raise eyebrows

A Reddit user known as u/Xardian7 quickly deemed the latest buffs bestowed upon Mauga as “outstanding.” They asserted that Mauga has become “a must-pick and a must-counter in competitive from today onwards at any rank” in Overwatch 2. 

This sentiment found resonance among many players who agreed that certain changes might have been taken to an extreme.

One prominent aspect of the buffs was the substantial increase in Mauga’s survivability, primarily achieved through a significant boost in his armor, raising it from 150 to 250. The Reddit community noted the profound impact of this change, with one top comment highlighting the magnitude of the armor improvement. 

Additionally, the buff to his passive ability, Berserker, which now converts 60 percent of critical damage dealt into over health (up from 50 percent), was seen as a formidable enhancement to his resilience.

A quick overview of Mauga’s buffs

For those unfamiliar with the specifics of Mauga’s buffs, here is a concise rundown:

Mauga’s base health was reduced from 350 to 250.

His armor was increased from 150 to 250.

The number of shots required to ignite enemies with Mauga’s Incendiary Chaingun (Primary) was reverted from 15 to 10.

The firing spread was reduced to one when only one chaingun is active.

Berserker’s passive ability now converts 60 percent of critical damage dealt into overhealth.

Addressing Mauga’s survivability issues

Since his initial introduction at BlizzCon 2023, Mauga’s kit has been scrutinized by players, and one glaring issue that emerged was his vulnerability and difficulty in surviving without constant support from his team. 

In response to this concern, Blizzard focused on improving Mauga’s durability, substantially increasing his armor. However, players are now expressing that this focus on survivability might have led to Mauga becoming excessively powerful, causing him to dominate the current meta.

Overwatch 2 has long grappled with the challenge of balancing the tank meta, and the introduction of Mauga has only added to the complexity of this task. The latest update to Mauga’s abilities has stirred the competitive landscape, and players are now grappling with the repercussions of his newfound strength. 

The prevailing sentiment among the player base seems to be that Blizzard may have inadvertently overbuffed Mauga in their efforts to address his previous shortcomings.

While many players were pleased to see the primary fire changes reverted, the combination of armor adjustments and Berserker buffs is being viewed as “insane” by some. 

The overall sentiment is that the focus of the nerfs and buffs may have been misaligned, and the resulting power surge could significantly alter the dynamics of Overwatch 2’s Competitive scene.

Balancing act ahead for Blizzard

Blizzard faces a formidable challenge in maintaining balance within the game’s competitive ecosystem, especially with Mauga’s release and the subsequent buffs. The overwhelming response from players has raised concerns about the hero’s potential dominance in the meta, necessitating a delicate balancing act on the part of the development team.

Considering the evolving nature of Overwatch 2’s competitive landscape and the vocal feedback from the player base, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Blizzard finds itself compelled to make further adjustments to Mauga’s abilities. 

If such changes materialize, it would mark the fourth time the hero has been tweaked since his introduction in season eight.

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