Matryoshka Dolls: How to Obtain them in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Matryoshka Dolls

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  • In Disney Dreamlight Valley, find Matryoshka dolls in different places to meet Jack Skellington for free.
  • Search in various biomes for tiny dolls, interact with a special tree, and witness Jack’s spooky appearance.
  • Follow this guide for an enchanting adventure and enjoy the world of Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Disney Dreamlight Valley, known for its enchanting world and beloved characters, has recently introduced a thrilling addition for fans of Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Let’s uncover the secrets to obtaining Matryoshka dolls in Disney Dreamlight Valley, a crucial step toward unlocking the iconic character, Jack Skellington.

Unlocking Jack Skellington: a free adventure for all players

Jack Skellington’s presence in Disney Dreamlight Valley coincides with the release of the paid ‘A Rift in Time’ DLC. However, the good news is that players can unlock Jack for free, adding a delightful touch of Tim Burton’s distinctive style to their in-game experience. While the quest to unlock Jack may seem a bit tricky, this short guide will navigate you through the process with ease.

Locating the elusive Matryoshka dolls

To begin your journey, you’ll need to find four Matryoshka dolls scattered throughout the game. These dolls seem to spawn in random locations within Disney Dreamlight Valley’s various biomes. While one is almost guaranteed to spawn in the Plaza, others have been discovered in the Glade of Trust, Peaceful Meadows, Forest of Valor, Frosted Heights, and Sunlit Plateau. Notably, you won’t find any Matryoshka dolls on the island introduced by the ‘Rift in Time’ DLC.

The art of discovery

Matryoshka dolls are quite small, so it’s essential to keep your eyes trained on the ground. Look for telltale sparkles that signal their presence when you’re close. Ensure that you have at least four inventory slots available as you embark on this quest. Failure to do so may require you to discard some items to make room for these valuable dolls.

Conversing with Merlin

Once you’ve successfully gathered all four Matryoshka dolls, your next step is to seek out Merlin, a familiar character in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Merlin may not have all the answers, but his wise advice will lead you to an unexpected discovery—a peculiar tree in the Forgotten Lands.

The mysterious tree in the forgotten lands

Identifying the tree you seek is simple. It stands taller and thinner than its counterparts, with a distinctive pumpkin carved into its bark. As you approach, an option to interact with the tree will appear. This is where the magic happens. Sacrifice each Matryoshka doll to the tree, and you will witness the pumpkin growing livelier with each offering. Keep sacrificing dolls until the moment you’ve been waiting for: Jack Skellington’s dramatic appearance.

What to do next

Once Jack Skellington emerges, you might be wondering about your next steps. For a seamless continuation of your adventure, players should complete the “Something Comes A’Knocking” quest.

To complete the “Something Comes A’Knocking” quest, players must locate a suitable location for Jack’s new home and gather 5000 Star Coins for construction. Speaking with Jack after the construction is done will officially establish him as a resident of the Valley, marking the quest as finished.

Traverse the game’s diverse biomes, keep an eye out for those elusive dolls, and let the magic unfold as you interact with the mysterious tree in the Forgotten Lands. Your adventure in Disney Dreamlight Valley is about to take a thrilling and spooky turn.

By following these steps, players can immerse themselves in the whimsical world of Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and create unforgettable memories in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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