DJT creator Martin Shkreli comes after ZachXBT for exposing him

DJT creator Martin Shkreli comes after ZachXBT for exposing himMartin Shkreli, convicted felon and creator of DJT. Credits: Getty Images


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  • Bitter ex-convict Martin Shkreli slams Arkham Intelligence for paying ZachXBT the $150K bounty for exposing him, claiming that Zach doesn’t deserve it.
  • Martin continues reiterating his innocence in the face of pump-and-dump allegations, even though he has served time for scamming people before.

Just two days after renowned on-chain sleuth ZachXBT exposed ex-convict Martin Shkreli for being the creator of TrumpCoin (DJT ), he has publicly slammed him and Arkham Intelligence for giving him the $150K they promised anyone who uncovered the identity of who created DJT.

DJT creator Martin Shkreli comes after ZachXBT for exposing him
Source: X.com

On June 19, Cryptopolitan reported that ZachXBT had successfully exposed Martin’s identity to the world. Before then, Arkham Intelligence had put out a bounty of $150,000 to anyone who could fish DJT’s creator out within a certain time window. Intrigued by the challenge, Zach went to work, and in no time, he was making post after post with evidence of Martin being the creator.

Not only that, but Martin is also allegedly running an insider trading ring in DJT with his friends and family, with the most notable being Donald Trump and his son Barron Trump.

Martin had responded to Zach’s allegations, saying what he did (advising his loved ones to buy DJT before it got pumped) was in no way insider trading. In a post, he said, “I like Zach a lot. I sent him evidence in confidence that proves my claim. It’s unfortunate he chose to post it.”

DJT creator Martin Shkreli comes after ZachXBT for exposing him
$150K bounty sent to Zach by Arkham Intelligence. Source: Arkham

In response to Arkham’s posting that they’ve paid the bounty, Martin said, “Where’s the evidence? I had 4 eyewitnesses on a space who said it happened the way I did. You have a screenshot, right?”

After Zach shared that he was going to participate in the bounty, Martin messaged him, pleading not to be exposed. But when Zach refused to listen, Martin made a space and outed himself minutes after Zach started his thread.

Zach clapped back at Martin, saying he proved Martin’s connection to Barron Trump through Barron’s high school classmate Cameron Roxburgh. He also included a screenshot of some texts Martin had allegedly sent Barron.

DJT creator Martin Shkreli comes after ZachXBT for exposing him
Credits: ZachXBT

Martin is now calling out Arkham for paying such a huge sum to Zach because he believes the investigator didn’t actually do any real work. He (Martin) thinks he exposed his own identity, not Zach, so the bounty shouldn’t go to him.

The convicted felon has been venting his frustrations on social media for days because his latest quick-money scheme has fallen apart, putting him in what Zach calls “serious trouble.”

He stated, “Three people were involved in creating the token, and four people with eyewitness knowledge spoke about it. You’re too ignorant to get all the facts. Getting a leaked DM doesn’t mean you understand what happened at all.”

DJT creator Martin Shkreli comes after ZachXBT for exposing him

Martin’s last post stated that he had nothing more to say about DJT, confident that the “official truth” would soon be revealed. He expressed certainty in being right and felt no need to prove anything to others, urging everyone to wait and see.

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