Mantle Network v2 Testnet Sepolia: A Leap Forward in Layer-2 Technology

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  • Mantle Network v2 Testnet Sepolia enhances its layer-2 solution with significant upgrades, including seamless compatibility with the OP Stack and Bedrock Upgrade, and a pivotal shift in handling $MNT tokens on Layer 2, aligning closely with Ethereum’s native design.
  • New features like Meta Transactions, which cover transaction fees for users, and a fee optimization strategy incorporating support for EIP-1559, are introduced to improve user experience and transaction efficiency on the Mantle Network.



Following the successful launch of Mantle Network Mainnet Alpha in July 2023, the blockchain community is now witnessing another groundbreaking development with the introduction of Mantle Network v2 Testnet, named Sepolia. 

The latest version of Mantle Network v2 represents a substantial upgrade, introducing a wide array of new features and enhancements that significantly bolster the capabilities of the layer-2 network. This update marks a major step forward in the network’s evolution, offering advanced functionalities and improvements that are set to redefine the user experience and broaden the network’s scope in the blockchain ecosystem.

Core features of mantle network

The Mantle Network v2 Testnet Sepolia represents a significant leap in the evolution of layer-2 blockchain solutions, maintaining its foundational architecture while introducing groundbreaking enhancements. At its core, Mantle Network retains its modular design and decentralized data availability layer, Mantle DA, powered by EigenLayer’s EigenDA technology. The unique configuration has been crucial in enabling hyper scaled performance and drastically reducing transaction fees, all without compromising the network’s security, which is anchored to Ethereum. The latest iteration, Mantle Network v2, distinguishes itself through a series of innovative features designed to enhance both user and developer experiences significantly.

Key among these enhancements is the seamless compatibility with OP Stack and the Bedrock Upgrade. It departs from the old OVM codebase of Mantle v1, embracing the Bedrock upgrade to lay a foundation for future interoperability within the OP Stack ecosystem. The strategic alignment with the latest technological trends positions Mantle Network at the forefront of blockchain innovation. Furthermore, a major development in Mantle Network v2 is the transformation in the handling of native tokens in Layer 2

Enhanced token operations and meta transaction feature

The $MNT token now operates akin to ETH in other solutions, moving away from the traditional ERC-20 contract. The change not only brings Mantle closer to the native Ethereum design but also streamlines L2 nodes’ synchronization with mainnet code upgrades, supporting significant updates like those for EIP-1559-type transactions.

Additionally, Mantle Network v2 introduces the Meta Transaction feature, revolutionizing the transaction experience by allowing the network to cover transaction fees on behalf of users. It facilitates a smoother interaction, especially for non-crypto-native users, enabling them to engage with decentralized applications without the usual constraints of gas fees and transaction confirmations. The network’s commitment to fee optimization is further evidenced by the incorporation of support for EIP-1559, intelligent calculation methods, and more efficient processing mechanisms, ensuring optimized transaction fees for the benefit of the entire Mantle ecosystem.


The launch of Mantle Network v2 Testnet Sepolia marks a significant advancement in layer-2 blockchain technology. With its enhanced features like seamless compatibility with OP Stack, migration of native tokens in L2, Meta Transactions, and a sophisticated fee optimization strategy, Mantle Network v2 is poised to offer a more efficient, scalable, and user-friendly experience. The upgrade not only demonstrates Mantle’s commitment to innovation and excellence in blockchain solutions but also sets a new benchmark for the industry, paving the way for future developments in decentralized technology.

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