Manta.Network unveils new Paradigm: A layer 2 blockchain with lucrative airdrop opportunities


  • Manta.Network’s New Paradigm offers rewards in $MANTA tokens for staking ETH and USDC.
  • To join, bridge your assets, choose ETH or USDC deposits, and lock them for potential gains, with withdrawals available in January 2024.
  • Lucky Boxes, NFT rewards, and support from investors like Binance Labs make Manta.Network stand out.

Manta.Network, a prominent player in the blockchain and web3 space, has recently unveiled its New Paradigm blockchain, operating as a Layer 2 solution. 

While the blockchain ecosystem is constantly evolving, Manta.Network’s unique approach, incorporating Zero-Knowledge technology, offers secure transactions, making it a noteworthy contender in the crypto sphere. The platform’s standout feature is its provision of native yield for both Ethereum (ETH) and stablecoins, promising lucrative rewards for investors.

How to participate in the $MANTA Token Airdrop: Step-by-step guide

To embark on this exciting journey, visit Newparadigm.manta.network, your gateway to bridging and depositing funds into Manta.Network. The platform currently accepts two types of assets: USDC and ETH.

Choosing between ETH and USDC

Your choice between ETH and USDC deposits hinges on your preference for gas fees. Opt for direct ETH deposits for higher gas fees or USDC to enjoy lower gas fees.

Bridging ETH to Manta.Network

Utilize a cross-chain bridge like Orbital.finance to transfer ETH from a Layer 2 blockchain to Manta.Network.

Depositing USDC into new Paradigm

Users with USDC on the ETH Network incur a nominal gas fee of around $5 to deposit their USDC into the Paradigm network. However, if you need to deposit USDC on the ETH network, follow a two-step process involving a centralized exchange and a subsequent transfer, incurring a gas fee of approximately 15 USDC.

Alternatively, those comfortable with higher gas fees of $50 to $100 can directly deposit ETH into the New Paradigm blockchain, saving time.

Please note that an invite code is mandatory for participation. A limited number of invite codes are provided for users to join, and additional codes may be shared in the comments.

Unlocking the benefits of Manta.Network staking program

Staking your deposited funds in the New Paradigm blockchain by Manta.Network can be a strategic move for crypto investors. Participating in this program can earn $MANTA tokens, accumulate staking points, and potentially receive special Manta Drops. The program’s native yield ensures steady and potentially higher returns on your staked assets.

However, it’s essential to note that funds staked in this program cannot be withdrawn until January 2024. While this entails a commitment, patient investors can see their crypto holdings grow over time.

Benefits of locking USDC or ETH in new Paradigm by Manta.Network

When you lock your USDC or ETH in the New Paradigm blockchain by Manta.Network, you can enjoy several advantages, including:

Earn More with Your Money: Your staked USDC or ETH generates native yield, increasing over time.

Get MANTA Tokens and More: Participants can earn a share of the 50 million $MANTA tokens, along with other rewards and bonuses.

Diverse Earning Opportunities: Besides fixed returns on your assets, you can also participate in various financial (DeFi), gaming (GameFi), and social (SocialFi) projects, along with special NFTs.

Part of an Expanding Ecosystem: By locking your assets, you become part of a growing network with over 200 projects, potentially opening doors to future airdrops based on the amount staked.

Immediate Use of Your Tokens: Despite the lock-in period, you can still utilize your locked assets within the Manta.Network for various activities.

Special Rewards for Inviting Friends: If your referrals join, you receive additional benefits as a token of appreciation.

Exploring lucky boxes for Manta pacific depositors

Earn by Referring Friends: Inviting friends or joining through referrals grants rewards to both the referrer and the referred.

Receive NFTs from Boxes: Opening a Lucky Box may reveal valuable NFTs.

Complete the NFT Collection: Gather all six different NFTs to exchange them for a special “First Modular L2” NFT.

Unlock Rewards and Privileges with NFTs: Collecting these NFTs allows you to claim various Manta rewards and access exclusive benefits.

Trade NFTs on Marketplaces: The acquired NFTs can be traded or sold on various NFT marketplaces.

Manta.Network deposit to rewards: Timeline

The Manta.Network rewards program follows a structured timeline, divided into three phases:

Deposit and Earn (Until January 2024): Participants bridge and deposit their assets, earning yield and Manta Box Pieces as rewards.

Receiving and Farming Tokens (Until January 2024): Participants receive STONE and wUSDM tokens within 24 hours of depositing, which can be used for farming activities and claiming MANTA token rewards.

Withdrawal Post-Rewards Distribution (69 Days After Reward Distribution): After 69 days from MANTA token rewards distribution, participants gain the ability to withdraw their initial deposits by converting STONE and wUSDM tokens back to ETH and USDC, respectively.

Future developments and investments

Manta.Network has secured investments from renowned players in the web3 and blockchain investment sectors, including Binance Labs and Polychain Capital. 

Additionally, it has garnered support from institutions such as Alliance DAO and Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator. These investments provide credibility and financial backing to Manta.Network’s endeavors.

Deciding to participate in the Manta.Network staking program for the airdrop entails some risk. While potential rewards seem promising, it is essential to exercise caution and only invest what you are willing to potentially lose. Conduct thorough research and consider the technology behind the contracts before making an informed decision.

Stay informed about Manta.Network’s evolving offerings, as the New Paradigm blockchain continues to expand its utility and projects.

The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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