Manipur leads India in adopting blockchain for academic credentialing


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  • Manipur’s Department of Education partners with DFINITY Foundation to deploy a blockchain-based system for verifying and storing educational certificates on the Internet Computer.
  • The system, known as Academic Credential Verification System (ACVS), will ensure tamper-proof verification and privacy-preserving authentication of academic credentials.

Manipur, a rapidly developing state in Northeast India, has recently embarked on a new initiative. The Manipur Department of Education, in collaboration with the DFINITY Foundation, a Swiss non-profit and a key contributor to the Internet Computer Blockchain (ICP), has announced the deployment of a unique educational product suite. This suite is designed to verify and securely store educational certificates on the Internet Computer, ensuring their authenticity and accessibility globally​​.

Revolutionizing academic credential verification

The product suite will utilize ICP technology, including the innovative Internet Identity, to ensure that all relevant information is both accessible and tamper-proof. The Horizon, a New Delhi-based web3 policy and adoption think tank, is aiding the implementation with technical guidance from DFINITY. The Internet Computer stands out for its tamper-proof and fully decentralized nature, making it an ideal platform for hosting vital documents securely​​.

Dominic Williams, Founder and Chief Scientist at the DFINITY Foundation, said that the fact that ICP is tamper-proof and fully decentralized makes it a perfect solution for securely hosting important documents.

Moving forward, the initiative introduces the Academic Credential Verification System (ACVS), which aims to provide tamper-proof verification for all academic certificates issued by government institutions. This system will enhance trust among employers, educational institutions, and individuals, simplifying the verification process. The ACVS will utilize Internet Identity, a privacy-preserving authentication solution by DFINITY, allowing users to authenticate identity credentials using advanced cryptography without revealing personal information​​.

This initiative marks Manipur as the first Indian state to adopt blockchain technology in the education sector on such a scale. The move is expected to set a significant precedent for the industry, encouraging closer collaboration on government blockchain applications. Manipur’s young, tech-savvy population and strong developer base are key factors contributing to this innovative leap​​​​.

DFINITY Foundation and the Internet Computer Protocol

The DFINITY Foundation plays a pivotal role in this transition. As an organization comprising leading cryptographers and experts in distributed computing, its mission is to decentralize cloud computing. The Foundation’s creation of the Internet Computer, a decentralized cloud 3.0 protocol, allows for scalable, secure, and efficient operation of services and systems on a public blockchain network. This protocol redefines how a decentralized network functions, integrating seamlessly with traditional web services and other blockchain systems​​​​.

Overall, Manipur’s adoption of blockchain technology for educational certification and verification, facilitated by the Internet Computer, represents a significant step forward in integrating technology in governance and public services. This initiative enhances the security and credibility of educational certificates and positions Manipur as one of the frontrunners in technological innovation within the Indian education sector.

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