Managing Chronic Illnesses with a Tracking App

FI Managing Chronic Illnesses with a Tracking App

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Non-communicable chronic diseases are responsible for nearly two-thirds of deaths around the world. Around 117 million people suffer from one chronic disease or the other in the United States alone. The most-reported fatal cases are cancer, AIDS, diabetes, and chronic lung diseases. Yet, even in these cases, people have no way of accessing information about their health and wellbeing.

Health data tracking by Patientory

The healthcare industry is gradually moving from conventional methods of treatment and disease management. A new system is needed to counter the health risks associated with the current times. 

The mobile health application and software market is expected to reach around 236 billion dollars by 2026. The rise in demand has prompted us to develop a mobile dApp that tracks the vital statistics of an individual’s health. 

Patientory aims to empower people by providing them access to health data and real-time analytics. It offers them the best self-monitoring systems for consumers and enterprises alike. This data is displayed on a dashboard that shows the overall health statistics.

Below is a graph that shows the number of chronic diseases suffered by the people in the United States of America.

How Patientory tracks chronic diseases

Heart diseases

Heart diseases are one of the most common chronic diseases worldwide, affecting even younger age groups. The leading risk factor for this group of diseases is an unhealthy or sedentary lifestyle.

Patientory integrates with the Apple Watch, which helps track your daily activity goals and helps you stay fit. The watch also monitors your heart rate and deploys algorithms that provide better insights to help you reach your goals. All the data collected is saved and accessible on the dApp. 


Diabetes is also one of the most common chronic diseases affecting people worldwide. The main risk factor for this disease is a lifestyle or hereditary predisposition. The sugar levels and daily activity can be tracked using a blood sugar meter. Patients can enter this data into the dApp, which will provide personalized insights using AI and algorithms. 


Hypertension is a disease that affects a large number of people around the world. It is a condition in which the blood exerts excessive pressure against the arteries over a prolonged period. Patientory keeps all your medical files and records of the systolic and diastolic readings and quickly alerts you to abnormal readings.


Knowing you have systemic vulnerabilities can help you take preventive measures against chronic diseases. Patientory integrates with the Apple Watch to monitor your activities and prevent you from triggering an attack during physical activities. In addition, Patientory uses algorithms to give a deeper insight and help check overall respiratory health from data collected. 

Benefits of Tracking Chronic Diseases

Patientory provides a safe and secure platform to share your medical information with doctors, family members, nurses, caregivers, and specialists. The data is protected as per the regional guidelines and in compliance with HIPAA standards. 

It provides solutions that improve the financial and professional state of your organization. This data is helpful for the doctor to access data in the form of graphs and charts quickly. It also helps select the appropriate treatment course for the patient according to the latest methods in any chronic disease.


Patientory helps patients track and monitor their chronic diseases at home accurately and safely. Empowering people by providing them access to health data and real-time analytics appears to be the best way to manage chronic diseases together with the best health care professionals.

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